6 Winning B2B Product Launch Video Ideas

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June 12, 2024


Digital platforms have become a place for every need, and there is no better place than using a social media platform for your next product launch video. As a SaaS owner, it is a perfect place for your product where you can demonstrate the correct use to the right people at the right time.

In the present-day scenario, people are more inclined to watch videos on their phones than read written content. According to a survey done by Content Beta, time spent per day by an average person watching online content will be 100+ hours. Thus, it is a brilliant idea and a move to launch your following product through a video, making it a sure-shot success.

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    What are Product Launch Videos, and What is the Importance of Creating them for B2B Brands?

    A great product launch video can create brand awareness and generate excitement around the upcoming product. Launch videos can easily be called product marketing videos used by companies to market the launch of their new product. Since videos are much easier to share among different channels, it is the most preferred mode of launching a new product.

    In addition, a great B2B product video can help in driving leads which would help in quickly communicating the benefits and potentials of your new SaaS product.

    Six winning B2B Product Launch Video Ideas

    Every company has its way of designing and developing a launch video. They can create an explainer, demo, testimonial, animated, how-to, or live-action video. One can make no shortage of videos; depending on the product’s usefulness, benefits, and features, you can quickly decide. Companies should, however, always consider the different W’s discussed below before creating a successful B2B video marketing strategy:

    1. Creating a product story

    A great B2B product video has the best product story. A story that tells everything about their product and why they created it in the first place. You can explain the issue your product can solve to your ideal clients using an engaging and motivating tale. An incredible story is the first step to grabbing your audience’s attention.

    Google Evolved is one of the best illustrations of a product video that masterfully combines storytelling and product evolution. Watch the video to learn how the industry leader in search has beautifully described the history of their goods. However, instead of using their engineers and designers to create their tales, they used others. Google emphasized how consumers are utilizing and promoting its products in this video.

    2. Live product launch

    A live product launch is a great idea to incorporate the product launch strategy that can drive massive sales and fan following. A SaaS company can create a loyal and engrossed audience for its product by creating a live video. Many social media platforms offer live streaming features that allow people to react and post their comments at the exact moment. But a SaaS product marketing video launch will only succeed if excitement and awareness are built in advance.

    This video by GoPro is their live event launch video, where they have used some fantastic shots to highlight their product features and the amazing team behind them. The GoPro video is a perfect example where the company showcases how its product is the best for its audience through a live product launch.

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    3. Building the right script

    With excellent content and a compelling narrative, B2B video marketing can succeed. Only when the product is flawlessly staged can the video truly bring value. The key to a successful launch is developing the appropriate script. To make a good impression, however, visual effects, good music, and colors that complement the brand, product, and corporate image are vital.

    A company called Poo-Pourri makes aromatic sprays for bathrooms. When published in 2013, this beautifully written video quickly became popular. It received 10 million views in only two weeks, leading to $4 million in backorders. Additionally, as we’ve already noted, it features a fantastic script.

    4. By creating an explainer video

    Explainer videos work best for storytelling purposes. Such videos will help creatively interact, attract with potential leads, and help understand the product. In addition, such product marketing videos create a lasting impression of the brand and increase the value of the SaaS product.

    This video of my COI by content beta shows about the managing processes and handling risk factors in the insurance field. First, the video discusses how complicated the insurance terms may be and why people must understand the terminology. Then, the video shows how the app can help its clients communicate and conduct compliance reviews efficiently. This video explains the different aspects of the app and how to use it effectively.

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    5. Designing Attractive yet educational videos

    Content is the new marketing, and interacting, appealing, and interactive videos are ideal for arousing the perfect interest of the audience. Creative and interesting videos aids in increasing the time a user spends on the website and achieves higher click-through rates. Suppose this engagement involves education; both the client and the firm benefit. If a company can educate its client on a pressing issue through a video, the client will stick with them.

    E.ON precisely accomplished that with its product launch video. But unfortunately, electricity could be more attractive; thus, people only spend some time contemplating it. Therefore, when E.ON launched E.ON Next, they knew their product video needed to be entertaining and engaging to grab viewers’ attention and pique their interest in green energy. And that’s what they achieved; the vibrant animated film tells a story in a fun and exciting way by using cute characters to represent the sun, cloud, leaf, and electricity.

    6. Influencer Marketing videos

    Influencers are a great source of promotion. People look up to their favorite celebs and adore the things they promote. Collaboration with influencers is an excellent way to achieve a successful B2B product marketing video launch.

    It creates a lot of anticipation and aids in improving marketing and sales efforts. The influencers should be identified based on their user base and engagement rate and invited to participate in the product launch.

    It can make a significant difference when customers hear what others say about a product immediately after tasting it. For example, Subway released a video to promote veganuary, a month-long challenge that urged participants to sample the company’s newest vegan dish, meatless meatball marinara.

    Many passengers accepted the dare, and the subway recorded and exploited their reactions to make a movie. The sandwich was such a hit that Subway made it a regular part of their menu. They even won Best Vegan Sandwich at PETA’s Vegan Food Awards 2020.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    What are the Top Five Ws of the Product Launch Videos

    Creating an even better SaaS product marketing strategy to launch a SaaS product is essential. Since the audience today is more interested in watching creative and valuable content, it becomes more than necessary to focus on the different factors associated with the launch.

    A grand product launch will eventually define the success and failure of your new product. While you plan to create a successful and award-winning B2B product marketing video, here are five things you should always consider:

    1. What is the product?

    Most people and organizations need to correct this first point. While promoting their new product, they pay attention to their brand name. Instead, their B2B marketing video should focus on disclosing the product.

    Their video should only reflect and speak about the product; the hero in the video should only be the new product. The product launch video should look like a launch video, not a pushy sales video.

    Stage Primary Goal Success Metric Video Types
    Awareness Announcing your presence to the world | No Sales talk No. of views generated | View count Product Marketing, Product demo videos, Repurposed webinar videos

    2. What is the use?

    Next, an essential part of the product marketing video is disclosing the use of the product. A launch video perfectly showcases how the particular SaaS product can benefit users.

    When the user is sure of the importance of that product in their busy lives, they are bound to make the purchase. The only thing, however, is the perfect way of showcasing the product’s benefits without looking like a sales pitch.

    3. Where to use it?

    As a company, you may have accomplished the task of demonstrating how valuable your product is and that something you need to add to this product. But the B2B product video will not succeed until your targeted audiences know where to use the product. Hence, your video should depict examples, demos, and case studies showing the relevance of using your SaaS product daily.

    4. Who is the audience?

    Selecting the target audience is another crucial step in creating a SaaS product marketing video. You should always center a SaaS product video around its lead audiences. Before designing the video, you should be aware of the taste of your potential clients.

    Are they more interested in animation or a mix of both? Do they prefer female voices, or are they good with any? Such questions will significantly affect how to conceive your product after the launch.

    5. Why can it help?

    Lastly, your B2B product marketing video should reflect on why your video is necessary and why no other company can offer a product like yours. Your video should have all the benefits, features, and value-adds that can aid in building a better future for your client and customer. Nowadays, companies are using launch videos as a part of their B2B video marketing strategies to increase product efficiency amongst their potential clients.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    What are the Tips to Remember While Creating B2B Product Launch Videos?

    There is no guarantee that every product launch will be successful and every video will be the best. There will always be many ups and downs, and companies learn from past experiences.

    However, to ensure you come as close to creating a great and empowering launch video, try to remember the tips below. These tips will be beneficial while designing a video that will be well-liked by your potential leads, ensuring they convert into clients.

    1. Adapt the videos to the algorithms of social media

    Your video should be based on the social media platform you choose to promote. For example, most social media platforms allow users to promote small, crisp videos instead of lengthy ones. Also, observation shows that people like to watch videos on mute while scrolling their Facebook or Twitter accounts. So, considering that, videos can be made that can impact even without playing the music. And lastly, since people spend more time on their phones, the videos should be mobile-friendly.

    2. Use videos to create spark

    People have a misconception that product launch videos need to be very serious and product oriented. Instead, it can be the other way around and be fun and inviting in creating excitement and excitement. Creating thrill is crucial since it leaves the customer waiting for what is coming next. If there is enough excitement in the air, people get excited as soon as there is any update about the new product.

    3. Show more but tell less

    Your buyers should be so awed by your product launch video that they quickly decide to buy. Now, it is pretty simple to overshare and want to tell everyone about your SaaS product when you are excited. But keep in mind that telling less is more. A great design presents the product’s features flawlessly. You must show your products to actual individuals who resemble your target market.

    4. Add brand personality

    In addition to showcasing the new product, remember to add the charms of your brand. If you are a seasoned player in the market, people would love to go with you since you already have a name and fame. So adding the same in your launch video will add to the trust factor of your potential clients. Always promote meaningful content that connects with your audiences instantly and is consistent with your brand image.


    Just like designing and creating a new product is essential, the launch is equally overwhelming. The introduction of a video will only reach the audience if everything goes perfectly and without a hitch. If you, as a SaaS company, can convince the customer why the product is for them, they will go with your product. Therefore, when creating an ideal product launch video, always focus on the five w’s. These five parameters are the crux and answer to an outstanding video.

    Additionally, creating awareness and excitement before promoting the launch video is equally important to make your target audience wait for your product. And lastly, tailor-make the video keeping in mind your audience, social media platform, and most importantly, your brand and product.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Launching a product is as important as designing a product; hence its marketing strategy should be equally well-planned and executed. As a SaaS company, you should focus on creating a story, building excitement, choosing wonderful and exciting music, and adding a clear CTA in your product launch video.

    A good product launch video will introduce the viewer’s problems, explain how to solve them, list all the benefits, and tell the audience what you need to do next. It is how a story is said to make the video awesome.

    Your product launch should have images and videos that catch the audience’s attention wanting to view more. It can be similar to a “coming soon” kind of caption with a strong closing asking people to stay tuned for more updates. Additionally, if needed, include links to a landing page where they can learn more about the launch date and details.

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