6 B2B Companies That Are Using Animated Demo Videos Effectively To Drive Sales

B2B animated demo videos are marketing materials that showcase the features, benefits and use-cases of a product or service to other businesses using character animation and animated user interface. They typically use various animation techniques to explain complex or abstract concepts in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner.

Consumers can view an animated product demo video to see the program in action and understand how it might help them and their businesses. A survey by Content Beta found that 77% of marketers chose animated demo videos while only 22% selected hybrid video to tell their narrative, making B2B product demo videos the most straightforward and efficient marketing strategy for B2B SaaS product demo video Companies.

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What are Animated Demo videos?

An animated video that explains a product or service by demonstrating its features and benefits. They use simple illustrations, voiceovers, and on-screen text to convey their messages and can be used for various purposes such as marketing, advertising, and sales presentations.

6 B2B companies that are using Animated Demo Videos effectively to Drive Sales

Both large and small B2B businesses use animated demo videos to reach out to a wider audience than they could before. Animated demo videos use animated visuals and voiceovers to demonstrate the features and benefits of a product or service, making it easier for businesses to understand how they can use these tools to improve their processes. To help you get started, consider these top B2B SaaS Companies that created amazing animated demo videos.

1. Zoominfo

ZoomInfo is a B2B company that provides a comprehensive database of business information and intelligence, including company profiles, contact information, and market insights. The platform is designed to help businesses improve their sales and marketing efforts by providing accurate and up-to-date information on potential customers and competitors.

How it Drive Sales: Gives businesses access to targeted leads, improving their efforts to prospect for new business and delivering solutions to enhance customer data and automate marketing.

Key Takeaway: Keep your B2B product demo video under the ideal length

Video Duration: 2 minutes 30 seconds


2. Grammarly

Grammarly is a digital writing assistant that helps individuals and businesses improve their writing skills. The software checks for spelling and grammar errors, suggests alternative phrasing, and provides tips for improving clarity and conciseness.

How it Drive Sales: Offering a free trial, as well as competitive pricing for businesses, can also drive sales.

Key Takeaway: Create a story around your product

Video Duration: 1 minute 20 seconds


3. Airtable

Airtable is a cloud-based project management tool that helps teams organize and track their work. The platform combines the functionality of a spreadsheet with the flexibility of a database, allowing users to create custom workflows and automate repetitive tasks.

How it Drive sales: Demonstrate platform flexibility and customization capabilities through case studies or customer success stories; create templates for specific industries or use cases.

Key Takeaway: Use characters and animated UI to enhance your B2B SaaS product demo video

Video Duration: 1 minute 51 seconds


4. Kissflow

Kissflow is a workflow automation software that allows businesses to streamline their processes and reduce manual work. The platform provides tools for creating, managing, and tracking workflows across different departments and teams.

How it Drive sales: Provide demos or free trials; partner with industry-specific associations or businesses.

Key Takeaway: The video uses Character animation and revolves the script around a story to simplify the basics of Kissflow software for the users.

Video Duration: 3 minutes and 27 seconds


5. Asana

Asana is a project management software that helps teams collaborate and manage their work. The platform allows users to create and assign tasks, track progress, and communicate with team members in real time. Asana also offers integrations with other productivity tools such as Slack and Google Drive

How it Drive Sales: Offer free resources, such as templates and webinars; provide a free trial and competitive pricing for larger businesses.

Key Takeaway: Ends with CTA to the Asana guide to assist users further in queries.

Video Duration: 1 minute and 29 seconds


6. Mailchimp

The award-winning customer care, motivational content, and data-driven recommendations offered by the email marketing and automation platform Mailchimp help companies expand their businesses.

Mailchimp B2B is a powerful tool for businesses looking to connect with other businesses through email marketing. It enables companies to reach out to potential clients, partners, or suppliers and build meaningful relationships through personalized and targeted email campaigns.

How it Drive Sales: Uses animation to attract users to choose Mailchimp along with offering a free plan

Key Takeaway: Keep the length of your B2B Product demo video upto 2 minutes 30 seconds

Video Duration: 2 minutes 30 seconds


Why do B2B Companies use Animated Demo videos?

B2B companies use Animated Demo videos for several reasons:

  1. Explanation of Complex Concepts: Animated demo videos help explain complex products or services in a simple and easy-to-understand manner.

2. Engagement: Videos are more engaging than traditional presentations and can hold the audience’s attention longer.

3. Product Showcase: Animated videos showcase a product’s features, benefits, and usage in an engaging and creative way.


4. Brand Building: Demo videos help build brand awareness and reinforce brand identity.

5. Increased Conversion: By showcasing the product and service in a compelling and engaging manner, animated demo videos can help increase conversion rates and drive sales.

What are the key factors to consider when creating animated demo videos for B2B companies?

Creating an effective animated demo video to drive sales for B2B companies requires considering a few key factors:

1. Scriptwriting

Write a script that outlines the key features, benefits, and value of your product or service. Use clear, concise language that is easy for your audience to understand.

You must create a work plan that incorporates a captivating tale, the appropriate style, and all of these elements while staying within your budget and on schedule.

It is essential that a script is as concise and clear as practical. You may also revolve your Product demo script around a story. More than 85% of SaaS product demos did not utilize this strategy.

2. Design

Create the visual design of the characters, backgrounds, and objects. Choose colors, shapes, and styles that match the mood and tone of the animation.

For example: You could create characters that are dressed in business attire to appeal to the corporate audience.


3. Voiceover

Add sound effects, music, and voiceovers (Male or Female) to enhance the animation. Use audio software to edit and mix the audio tracks. According to an analysis done by Content Beta on Top 100 Product demo videos, more than 47% SaaS Companies have used a Female Voiceover. These days some companies also prefer using AI Voiceover using apps such as Synthesia.

For example: You could use voice overs that are clear and professional to explain the features and benefits of the services.

4. Publish and promote

Publish the video on your website or social media channels, and promote it to your target audience. Make sure to include a clear call to action that encourages viewers to take the next step.

For example: You could include a clear call to action in the video, such as “Start your free trial today” or “Contact our sales team to learn more.”

How Can you create Animated demo videos for your B2B SaaS effectively to drive sales?

Now that you know why it’s important to create B2B marketing videos, you need to be familiar with the process. There are some important steps that you must take, despite the fact that the procedures and ideas may change.

For all types of organizations, here are some guidelines for making engaging animated demo videos:

1.Addressing A Scalable & Flexible Audience

Your target audience, who should largely be the CEOs, CMOs, and other business executives of your target organization, and the objectives that your video should support are two of the most important components of a video marketing plan.

Consider making a video for your SaaS Marketing. The businesses seeking the same solution should be your target audience, and your objectives should be to draw in as many potential customers as you can and encourage sharing.

If you make an interactive video for your training, you can also gauge how engaged your employees are with it, which takes us to our next point.

You may tailor training videos to your specific needs, which is an added advantage. Videos are useful when introducing new concepts because of their versatility.

2. Be creative while using language that is appropriate

When creating a B2B animated video ,it is imperative to keep the professional audience in mind.

You are not targeting B2C or D2C viewers with your video. So it would be fantastic if you weren’t exclusively driven by emotions and the news. It takes creativity, emotion, and knowledge working in perfect harmony.

Keep in mind that the audience you are targeting most likely already understands the technical terms. They want to know how you can help and why your company is better for their requirements. Your videos don’t have to be stuffy or formal because of this.

Examples include CrazyEgg and Microsoft, who created the best explainer videos ever by using the appropriate ingredients in the proper proportions.


3. Showcase The Brand's Uniqueness

Any marketing campaign you create should always emphasize the personality of your brand. It results in a favorable perception and general corporate presence.

Always employ brand colors, logos, and characters who talk in your brand’s voice while making an animated demo video.

You could, for instance, design an animated persona that people associate with your business whenever it is discussed.

This promotes more brand recognition. You may recall the Slack video mentioned above where they used all the brand colors. Make an effort to establish your brand’s recognizability through videos.

How can B2B Companies use animated demo videos in their sales and marketing strategies?

While it should come as no surprise that professionally produced demo videos are thought to interest customers, they may also be a valuable sales and marketing tool for B2B businesses.

The way Dropbox used its excellent guide to promote its product; worked admirably for their company and resulted in the addition of 10 million new customers.

Here are a few key explanations for why demo videos are becoming essential for B2B marketing strategies.

1.To Display The Identity Of The Brand

Demo videos give businesses the opportunity to share compelling stories that will help viewers grasp the core values of the brand.

With a captivating video that demystifies complex subjects, they can better comprehend your services and their advantages for their business.

Excellent benefits come from including animation in videos for firms that wish to engage viewers and convey a distinctive identity.

The CTA (Call to Action) is vital in the end of the demo video to reach a free trial, book demo.

2. Make Complex Ideas Simple To Understand

Imagine you’ve just released a SaaS solution to assist businesses with their finances. When it comes to a digital product, the subject is already a little challenging.

The main benefit of an instructional video is that it makes complicated concepts appear straightforward and simple. Animated characters can be used in your video to demonstrate how the program makes financial tasks simple and quick.

Demo videos allow you to display the complete process of utilizing the product without making it seem tedious.

3. Maintains the interest of the audience

Considering that the human brain processes images 60000 times more quickly than plain text, it is preferable to use the power of visuals to help buyers remember your brand and your products.

You can aid the audience in better absorbing the information by using a well-made explainer video. The audience retention improves as more of the video is retained in their minds.

Consider making a video animation for your SaaS marketing strategy. The businesses seeking the same solution should be your target audience, and your objectives should be to draw in as many potential customers as you can and encourage sharing.


4. Explainers Can Be Shared

The majority of clients choose to buy after viewing a social media video. Before utilizing a digital product, they want to watch a brand video, or they like to compare services before making a purchase.

With product demonstrations and how-to instructions, video explainers not only offer solutions to these issues, but they can also be made compelling enough to be shared across social media pages and groups with the same conversations.

If you want your business to be discussed online, why not make an explainer video that is worth sharing? As you can see, explainer videos are the most shared videos from practically all video distribution outlets.

5. Increasing SERP Ranking With Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are the most popular internet videos to share, as was already mentioned. If written properly, they affect a website’s overall rating.

The likelihood that a website will rank highly on search engines increases when Google discovers an original explainer video on a website and evaluates its keywords and content.

If you increase website traffic, conversion rates will soon start to rise. Your explainer video should contain the appropriate keywords and information to help Google locate you throughout the web.



In B2B video marketing, an explainer video is a valuable tool. The majority of B2B customers watch a video to guide their own purchasing decisions. Keep it simple and choose a B2B demo video production business to carry out the production effectively, whatever you come up with.

B2B companies may present their goods and services in an interesting and informative way by using animated demo videos, which are a powerful marketing tool. Through the use of these videos, businesses may more effectively explain difficult subjects, increase brand awareness, and eventually increase sales.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Businesses can utilize such videos to interact with one another through communication. They can communicate a wide range of things. Selling techniques include animated B2B advertising videos.

Animated B2B demo videos can be used to describe your product or a related idea.

B2B animated social media video animation is a terrific way to spice up your social media marketing strategy.

  • A viewer’s attention can be captured and maintained via animated
  • Videos that are animated are entertaining and educational.
  • Videos seem natural since those are the primary senses through which we experience the world.

B2B animated demo videos can drive sales by providing a detailed, step-by-step demonstration of how a product works, highlighting its unique features and benefits, and showcasing customer success stories.

An effective B2B animated video should be visually engaging, clearly communicate the benefits of the product, and be easy to understand. It should also have a clear call to action and provide the viewer with a next step, such as scheduling a demo or contacting the company.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

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