6 B2B Companies Effectively Using Testimonial Videos to Drive Sales

7 Ways to Use B2B Testimonials to Generate Leads and Sales

A variety of B2B companies are using testimonial videos to drive sales. In this article, we’ll explore how they can do it effectively.

The B2B sector is a different ball game altogether. Companies need a strong strategy that compliments their existence in the highly competitive and rapidly changing industry.

  • In the -first -half of the article, we will learn about 5 B2B companies that effectively use testimonial videos to drive sales.
  • In the second half of the article, we will learn how testimonial videos significantly promote sales.

In order to attract and engage customers, they need to demonstrate their strengths to the fullest extent possible. In this area, testimonial videos are the game-changer.

It is more likely that people will make a purchase when they see other people using a product or a service that really helped other people to solve their problems. And in testimonial videos, people do show how their problems are getting via any product or service.

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The Power of B2B SaaS Testimonial Videos: Facts and Figures

The Power of B2B SaaS Testimonial Videos Facts and Figures

Marketing and sales are all about communication. Your customer satisfaction depends on how well you communicate with them. There are two viewpoints –

  1. The way you portray your product/service before your customer.
  2. The way the customer sees your product/service.

In the first part, a company gives its best to show how helpful there product/service is. But it is very important to know how your customers look up to your product/service.

Source Facts
Bigcommerce A regular use of B2B SaaS testimonial video generates around 62% more revenue. And that not only from every customer but from every time they visit your product/service.
Vendasta It has been recorded that 92% of people go through B2B SaaS testimonials before making a purchase.
Statista Around 86% of customers say - testimonial videos are important when they go shopping for a new product.
Search Engine Watch Around 72% of customers make a purchase by reading positive reviews.

6 B2B SaaS Companies Using Testimonial Video to Drive Sales

1. Asana


About the company: If you are aware of Asana then you might know Asana is a SaaS platform that specifically helps in work management and collaboration in a company. Now, when you watch the video above you can see it is a B2B customer testimonial video of Viessmann.

About the testimonial: Viessmann is a reputed German manufacturer of heating systems. The testimonial video includes that Viessmann does have three other sectors which they work for – climate solutions, refrigeration solutions, and industrial solutions.

You will notice how the video seems to have been created in such a way that three heads of the company are included in it, which shows the relevance of the video and its essence.

What we like: The B2B testimonial of the respective SaaS company begins with a brief introduction of the company, followed by an explanation of their information supply and communication problems among their employees. At the end of the testimonial, they mention how Asana helps them to communicate and streamline the information supply throughout their organization which has over 6,000 employees.

This testimonial video is a perfect example of how a testimonial should be constructed, as it provides a complete explanation of the product/service offered by Asana.

2. Leadfeeder


About the company: Using Leadfeeder, you are able to identify and track companies that are visiting your B2B website in order to promote your business. Leadfeeder gathers information from your website visitors in order to help you better understand them. As a result, it can help build more effective marketing strategies on a strategic level.

About the testimonial: The testimonial video is about a company called Cooleaf. It is an employee engagement platform for virtual events, rewards and more. Cooleaf helps in team engagements and connections among the employees.

What we like: The testimonial talks about how leadfeeder helped them in building connections for more than 16 companies and how it helped in establishing connections among them.

3. Slack


About the company: Slack is a messaging program especially used by working professionals. Slack has a huge market when it comes to communication. It offers numerous features and functions that help people to connect and communicate around the globe.

About the testimonial: Coming to the testimonial video given here. The respective testimonial is of a company called Sendle. Sendle is the first 100% carbon-neutral delivery service in Australia. They work to ship goods to small businesses.

What we like: Remote testimonial videos feature seamless introductions of the company and its employees that are incorporated into the video. It was then pointed out to them that the whole business was operated remotely and was spread across four countries, so they had to communicate as much as they could to maintain the business’s existence. Secondly, it is shown the solution for how Slack assists in communicating with employees and managing the operations at the workplace.

They also include a small section of the interface of slack in the end that clearly shows what slack looks like and how it works.

As a result of watching the remote testimonial video, it is likely that people seeking some kind of communication program will have Slack in mind for sure if they pass through this video.

The following is an example of how Slack uses testimonial videos to drive its B2B sales.

4. Pipedrive


About the company: Pipedrive is cloud base SaaS (Software as a service) company, a sales customer service management tool that helps to develop web applications and mobile applications.

About the testimonial: The B2B testimonial video shown here provides a brief overview of a company called Grey Matters, a company that caters to B2B clients. Grey Matters is a business development consultancy firm that helps many agencies and businesses in the creative sector to grow, attract new clients and win new business.

What we like: In this Saas remote testimonial video, the founder of the company discusses how they help people and what are some of the major problems they are able to resolve with the help of Pipedrive.

There is a sense of officialness in the way the video has been portrayed and it looks good as well. They are using Pipedrive as their main CRM that helps them analyse customer prospects. They have clearly mentioned the definite pros of using Pipedrive.And it is a perfect example of a B2B testimonial video.

You can easily understand what kind of issues are being solved via Pipedrive and that is the main motive of the testimonial video. The video is filled with footage that is showing how business is conducted and how prospects for customers are being improved throughout the video. In my opinion, this video is quite engaging, and the scripting is done in an excellent way.

5. SalesForce


About the company: SalesForce is a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a service) company. This organization is involved in developing client relationship management software and applications, including those related to customer service, analytics, application development, marketing automation, and sales.

About the testimonial: The testimonial video is of Amazon, a reputed brand worldwide. But this B2B testimonial video is all about Amazon web services. They have included that the primary objective of the company is to help their customer to succeed.

The seamless picturization is top of the mark. The video quality looks highly professional and the script is engaging as well.

What we like: The Vice President of the Amazon web service, Mike Clayville, takes a few moments at the beginning of the interview to explain the purpose of the company and how they help people. As a result, the testimonial becomes more relevant to 100% of the audience.

As long as people believe that Amazon uses Salesforce as a CRM system which is true, they will be more likely to trust SalesForce.They have also included that to be problem solvers with our customers and in order to do that in a scalable way they use Salesforce that helps them to keep that rhythm and keep that drumbeat to facilitate that desire to be customer-obsessed.

The testimonial planner deserves credit for crafting this testimonial, which is among the most trusted testimonials.

6. HubSpot


About the company: HubSpot is a software developer and marketing company that specializes in inbound marketing, customer service, and sales. As a CRM platform, it provides everything scaling companies need to deliver the best-in-class customer experience to their customers in one place to aid in their growth. In addition, they also assist teams in growing their teams in order to grow into powerful teams on their own, but better together.

About the testimonial: In the testimonial video, we get to know about a company called EZ Texting. It is a voice and text messaging provider company. And in the testimonial video, the Director of sales operation takes the lead to showcase how EZ help people. They include that their biggest challenge is the volume of signups and activities.

What we like: Furthermore, they mentioned that Hubspot helped them as a CRM that met the criteria they were looking for in a short period of time, was within their budget and met the criteria they were looking for. They mentioned that Hubspot as CRM helped them to start following up with tens of thousands of customers.

The script is quite engaging for people who have small businesses and want to promote them. After watching this B2 testimonial video, they will certainly consider Hubspot as a tool to help them grow their businesses.

Content Beta

There is no doubt that testimonials are directed and filmed in a studio or in any workspace that is available to them. As a result, it is a time-consuming and costly process. In order to be able to provide our customers with the benefits that we provide, we have to make them as comfortable as possible in doing so.

Here is a solution to that problem – Remote Testimonial Videos.

Remote Video Testimonial CB

Remote testimonial means that they can shoot from anywhere they want without any team or extra cost or time. Content Beta helps here. We help people to record testimonials wherever they want. We offer a set of products like a camera, microphone, and other equipment.

Here is an example of a remote testimonial video from Content Beta.


Industry – SaaS, B2B, Software

Type of Video – Customer Testimonial, Customer Onboarding Videos, Product Demos, Explainer videos, Product Marketing videos.

Starting Cost – $500/video onwards

Founded in – 2020


It is crucial for companies to gain the trust of their customers and those who may be potential leads as well. The most important factor in this criteria is a B2B SaaS testimonial that can make all the difference. It has become increasingly common for customers to read reviews before making a purchase and in this day and age of technology they can not only read reviews in written form, but they can also watch testimonial videos, which can be more engaging for them. There is no doubt that B2B SaaS testimonials play a vital role in driving sales and relating to customers emotionally.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

People look for reviews before they make any purchases and it’s quiet to read a lot of stuff online. Testimonial videos include customers that elaborate on how they use the respective product/service of a company and how helpful they are to their problems. I find that the testimonial videos are more engaging and illustrative, giving a good view of the company’s product and service offerings and what it can provide.

The current B2B customers give the analysis of the product in such a way that they include the respective issue they are facing and how the product/service helped them to resolve it. Potential customers consider the reviews of the current customer and analyse their needs which gives them a better selection idea.

B2B remote testimonial is a new concept created to help customers and make them feel comfortable. In this concept, the agency delivers the equipments that are required to shoot the testimonial video like a microphone, camera, etc. customers shoot the testimonial themselves in their space which gives a better customer experience.

A B2B testimonial video should include-

  • A reputed customer brand or a reliable user
  • A relevant problem
  • An overview of product or a service

A solution to their problem

Throughout the production of a testimonial video, there are several needs to satisfy like a studio where you can shoot a video, a script, a crew, etc. This process takes time and cost. Remote testimonial is an option where the customer can shoot the testimonial alone which is more comfortable and need no such efforts.

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