6 Award-winning companies for B2B Video Production

6 Award-winning companies for B2B Video Production

Videos are vital in connecting people with the company’s brand. In today’s time, the usage of the internet and social media platforms has drastically increased. Therefore, if a company wishes to promote, introduce, or even explain its product, there is no better way than to do it through creating engaging and entertaining videos.

SaaS products need explanation, and if you can beautifully and dramatically educate your viewers about the benefits of your product, you win the game. According to data published on Content Beta, an explainer video by DropBox generated a return on investment (ROI) of $48 million in extra revenue.

Therefore, it becomes imperative as a SaaS business owner to invest in working with some great B2B video production companies that can assist you in planning, designing, and creating award-winning videos for your products.

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What is B2B video production?

A B2B video production is a process where companies produce video content for other businesses. Video production happens for companies instead of individuals; the content will also depict strategy, interaction, creativity, and revenue-generating power. Through SaaS video production, a company should be able to tell the brand’s story through animation, easy-to-understand texts, visually appealing content, and much more.

Put, a B2B video production is a video you create to promote your SaaS product to other businesses. These videos are for generating leads and eventually increasing your ROI. According to a stat, 95% of the information retains after watching a video compared to reading content, and 64% feel they are most likely to buy a product after watching a video.

6 Award-winning companies for B2B video production

The best companies for your B2B video production will be those who clearly understand how to create a video. They also should know the client’s requirements and design a video keeping the same in mind. Additionally, a video production company should also focus on creating videos that can help and cater to the needs of your sales and marketing teams. Eventually, those people would entertain the leads and convert them into clients.

1. Commotion Engine

About the Company: Commotion Engine is again an award-winning agency known to produce videos that can help deliver complex messages in the simplest form. They can help you create animated, explainer, promos, educational, and other related videos. They have expertise in working in numerous industries and with multiple brands.

Video Services offered: Explainer video, promo video, educational video, brand video, and content marketing video.

Best Video: Explainer video for Attensity Text Analytics

Video Length: 56 seconds

About the video: Reading only content on the screen can be tedious and may make the customer lose interest. Commotion Engine has used only graphics and animations in the video to deliver the message. Hence, they used a plain blue background but applied different animations, making it look appealing.


2. Content Beta

About the Company: Content Beta is your go-to company for any SaaS-related video production. They are the experts in the field and know how to convert boring documents into engaging and entertaining material for your customers. They are among the most budgeted agencies to work with and deliver the product within short and agreed timelines. With content beta, you would not need regular follow-ups since they are the best in the business.

Video services offered: Product demo video, Onboarding videos, video course, product explainer video.

Best Video: Product Demo Video for COMPSTACK

Video Length: 2 mins and 50 seconds

About the Video: In this video link, they have created a product demo video showcasing the features and benefits of Compstack’s product. They opened the video by telling the pressing issue many companies face where customers tell them they have already enrolled someone else. With just one person telling everything about the product and using plain on-the-screen text and graphics, they have showcased how the product can benefit. A CTA asking people to check other features has ensured a robust set of leads reaching the company.


3. Next Day Animations

About the company: Next-day animations are the answer if you need animations, colours, visuals, and more. They also have experience in working with multiple sectors and industries. In addition, they are famous for showcasing fun and engaging content. People often remember entertaining and engaging content more than just plain and simple data. And that is what they have used as an advantage.

Video Services offered: Sales video, product video, training video, explainer video.

Best Video: Animated video for Presidential Precinct

Video Length: 1 minutes 52 seconds

About the video: In this attached video link, they are trying to educate people about civic engagement. They opened the video by sharing about problems and how every community has problems. Using familiar and relatable examples, they attracted the customer easily. They quickly moved on, asking questions about who could solve the issues and creating awareness about civic engagement. They ended the video by saying anyone can be a civic leader and promote the brand.


4. Epipheo

About the company: Epipheo is a pioneer in video production and has worked with over 2000 brands in the last 12 years. They have created different videos to date and are great with animation. Their suite is storytelling; from there, they promote and educate people on the relevance and importance of using or following that particular brand or company.

Video Services offered: Explainer video, brand video, educational video, internal video, live action video, animated video, social video, story telling testimonial video, trade show video.

Best video: Explainer video for HybridLight (Fundraiser)

Video Length: 1 minute and 20 seconds

About the video: A fundraising video where they are telling people to give gifts that people can use instead of the standard products they get. They used limited colours and focused on sound and animation. They started by telling the reason behind organizing or going for a fundraiser and moved on to share what could be given. Ultimately, they asked people to register for the fantastic product.


5. Explain Ninja

About the company: Explain Ninja are famous for their artwork and simple and easy content creation. They have been in the business for over 12 years and have worked with 30 brands. They have set up and designed videos for B2B, B2C, and video games. Explain Ninja works on animation models and creates explainer videos with elegant designs and clear colour options.

Video Services offered: Explainer video, product video, commercial video, brand video, sales video.

Best Video: An explainer video for Launchcloud

Video Length: 1 minute and 16 seconds

About the video: A straightforward video that starts with a problem and statement and moves on to introduce the product. The following animation discusses how the product can help save money and increase business revenue. With just one image on the screen, no text, and a calm voice, it explained the entire product in less than 2 minutes of video.


6. Sandwich

About the company: Sandwich is a video production company that has worked with SaaS, automobile, travel, tourism, and other industries. They create various videos, including live-action, documentaries, explainers, and testimonials, using animated and high-end graphics. They are great at sharing stories in a very engaging and entertaining way.

Video services offered: Tv spots, explainer video, testimonial video, animation video, documentary, brand video.

Best Video: Animated video for Mighty

Video Length: 1 minute and 48 seconds

About the video: The video used in this video is very engaging and sounds natural. They have used voices with emotions that match precisely with what is happening on the screen. A video showing how to make chrome fast started by telling how slow it is. It moved on to share the effects of a slow browser on work and moved on to introduce its product through fantastic graphics. The video shows why its browser is better than the others and how it can help.


How can B2B video production benefit SaaS Companies?

A video production company is experienced and knows how to create videos that will be attractive and educate the customers. In addition, these SaaS video production companies are great at showcasing the actual SaaS product through short videos keeping customers engaged till the end. Therefore, you should hire a B2B video production company to create your next video for the following reasons:

1. Educate customers and build brand awareness

The most important thing a SaaS product needs is to educate its customers about why they choose it over others. And that is precisely what the B2B video production company will help you with, creating and designing a video that will engage, entertain, and educate customers while building your brand’s image.

Hire a company with expertise in creating brand awareness and knows how to leave a huge impact even through a short clip.

2. Increase conversion rates

Every SaaS company produces videos to increase its clientele and convert potential leads into customers. A great video production company is what you need to increase your conversion rates. Engage with a company that can focus on including a strong CTA in your videos.

The inclusion of CTA is the make or break of a successful video. A strong CTA will lead potential clients to reach out to you, and then you need to do your magic to convert.

3. Demonstrate product better

You may know the skills to create a mind-blowing product that can save millions, but you will need someone to demonstrate that even better. Designing a product is just one phase of the product development cycle; the other phase is showcasing it to the world. A B2B video production company can come to your rescue for that. They know what to add and what not to.

Depending on your product type, they can guide you over choosing a different voice or tone. In short, they can help you create a video that can aww the public while keeping your product as the hero. According to a survey, 39% of buyers are interested in watching a video that demonstrates a product.

4. Drive traffic to the website

Videos are the most preferred mode of content nowadays. With everyone using smartphones, people can watch videos anytime and anywhere. Also, if you have created an entertaining video, the chances of it forwarding to others are very high. Therefore, a video production company knows what will excite your customers as they study the market before creating your content.

If you can address the pressing issue in your customer’s life, your video will surely reach others, thus increasing traffic to your website. Additionally, adding a video on your landing page will lead to more people visiting your website.

5. Improve business credibility

More than anything else, your B2B SaaS video production company will help you to improve and enhance your business credibility by designing award-winning videos for you. They know how the market runs and what is the current trend. As a result, they can create brand videos showing your authenticity and how you value your company, employees, and customers.

Such videos build trust and confidence in the eyes of your potential customers. You can see that companies with great ethics have had more followers or customers than others.

What are the types of videos produced by B2B video production companies?

SaaS businesses will have different demands for video production at different stages. For instance, for introducing a new product, they may want to use a launch video for brand promotion, a brand video to explain their product – an explainer video, and so forth. So, several videos can assist you in succeeding and accomplishing your SaaS goals as a business.

Below are a few videos of a B2B video production company that can assist SaaS businesses. Of course, you can choose the best videos that meet your needs and requirements.

1. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial or training videos are a great way of educating and training your potential customers on a specific skill or a topic. Through SaaS video production, you can impart the knowledge that a customer needs on its onboarding journey.

These are also great for increasing customer retention since your customers can explain the product better, making them choose you over others. A tutorial video also shows your passion for serving customers and understanding their needs and requirements.

2. Product Videos

Product or product demo videos should be a must-have for all SaaS products, and these should be your priority. If you want your B2B business customers to know and understand the features and benefits of your product, go for product videos.

There is no better way of increasing awareness, encouraging sign-ups, and converting possible leads into customers. And what is best, you can use animation, voice-over, content over text, and much more in your product videos.

3. Launch Videos

You are in the process of introducing your new product, leverage and use the launch videos as a part of your B2B SaaS video production strategy. Your video production can help you create a fantastic launch video that can generate buzz and stay in the memory of your potential customers.

These videos are best to increase product awareness and excitement while increasing potential leads. If you can generate an engaging launch video, you have completed half your journey. In addition, you will not realize how easily people choose a product just by watching a launch video.

3. Brand Videos

Brand videos are all about building on your company’s image. Brand videos depict the company’s culture and promise to deliver the utmost quality products to its customers. It is the perfect way for a SaaS business to establish trust, confidence, and credibility in any product. You can even use this opportunity to highlight or showcase the real motive and reason behind the chosen SaaS product.

4. Testimonial Videos

If you are already in the SaaS world for a long time and have many ongoing clients, you can use their testimony and tell the potential clients about your authenticity. Your B2B video production company can assist you in creating testimonial videos that are perfect for showcasing how great you are in client dealing and meeting your client’s expectations. Testimonial videos give your potential clients the trust to choose your company.

5.Explainer Videos

An excellent product explainer video is like going on a product tour, a tour where your client will experience the product inside and out. You can use explainer videos for advertising your product, introducing new upgrades, or responding to customer inquiries.

These explainer videos are a great way of telling how your product can solve all their problems. You can use storytelling as a central element of your explainer videos. As per a report by Content Beta, 85% of SaaS companies need to use this tool to their advantage.


Videos have become the bread and butter of every company, and viewers live to watch new and exciting videos regularly. No social media platform is not leveraging the use of videos for its publicity and branding. Your SaaS business also needs exciting and creative videos to attract potential customers to know more about your product and company.

A B2B video production company will assist you in creating different kinds of videos – testimonials, brands, promotions, launches, and many others. You can use them at various stages, increase your products’ visibility in the market, and enhance your brand value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A B2B video production company is an establishment that helps its clients create different videos. The primary role of these companies is to establish their client’s products and brands in the market.

A good B2B video production company will understand the needs first before drafting the content. Then, they will use different techniques, such as storytelling, visuals, graphics, sound, voice-overs, animations, etc., to create an award-winning video for your SaaS product.

A B2B video production company is an expert in creating videos such as explainers, product demos, launches, brands, testimonials, corporate, training, etc.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

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