5 Types of Videos Proven To Reduce SaaS Customer Support Tickets

5 Types of Videos Proven To Reduce SaaS Customer Support Tickets

Written by Rishabh Pugalia
Written by Rishabh Pugalia

Rishabh leads the content strategy at Content Beta, a creative video and design agency for Tech & SaaS companies.

B2B SaaS companies are always looking for ways to improve their customer support. Would increasing the number of customer support tickets help?

It could but an increase in tickets would be seen as a sign that their customers are not happy with their product or service.

Worse, this could lead to reduced customer satisfaction and increased churn. How does an increase in customer support tickets impact B2B SaaS companies?

  • Support costs: The more tickets they have, the more support they will need to provide, which costs money.
  • Customer satisfaction scores: They know that if customers are not able to get the help they need, their satisfaction scores will go down.
  • Statistics: As per ProProfs Help Desk survey, 49% of Americans switched companies due to poor customer service last year. But preventing this is simple. If brands resolve customer issues in the first contact, 67% of customer churn can be prevented.

If you’re looking to reduce the number of customer support tickets for your B2B SaaS product, you need to start creating videos.

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5 Types of videos that can reduce SaaS customer support tickets

A video can help SaaS businesses in several ways. In this guide, however, we’ll concentrate on how training videos can reduce customer support tickets for B2B SaaS products with the help of five types of B2B SaaS customer support videos.

Let’s face it; no one likes having to contact customer support. It usually means going through a frustrating and time-consuming routine.

But if your customers can watch a product demo video and find the answers they need, they are much less likely to need to contact customer support in the first place.

And that’s good news for everyone!

Fewer customer support tickets mean fewer frustrated customers, and fewer frustrated customers mean a happier, more productive workforce.

So if you’re looking for a way to reduce customer support tickets, consider using the following types of B2B SaaS customer support videos.

If you are a B2B SaaS company and you own a support department, then you have probably thought about using training videos to help your customers.

A SaaS company need not maintain a large customer support team because high-quality how-to training videos can help reduce customer support tickets and improve customer satisfaction.

But what are ‘how-to’ videos?

How-to videos can vary in length and complexity. They can be as simple as a 3-minute video that shows how to update a plugin. They can also be as detailed as a 15-minute onboarding video that shows how to create a template.

How do you use these training videos?

They can be used in a number of different ways to add value to your customers and your business:

  • As a video guide, video demo, or video FAQ to explain a product or service concisely.
  • To help customers learn how to troubleshoot common product-related problems by answering basic questions and solving problems using step-by-step instructions so that they can solve their problems without needing to contact customer support.
  • They can also show employees different ways in which they can fix a problem.

Here is a how-to video created by Content Beta for TapClicks, the Marketing Reporting tool:


The main reason for the increased interest in SaaS companies is the convenience they offer. But there are disadvantages too.

The main criticism users level against SaaS companies is the lack of customer support to deal with a problem with their software.

What are product demo videos?

  • They are short, customer support videos that demonstrate how a product or service works.
  • They are designed to be engaging and informative.

How can product demo videos help B2B SaaS companies reduce customer support tickets?

  • A good product demo video should help the user visualize how the user can use the product in a real-life setting.
  • If the video is well made and it shows the product being used in the way that it will be used, the customer is more likely to believe that the software can solve their problem or solve their problem better.

A product demo video can also be incredibly effective at reducing customer support tickets. Not only does using videos help the customer, but it also helps the salesperson. Using customer support videos means that a salesperson does not have to spend hours explaining a product to a customer.

Instead, the salesperson can show a video to the customer and the customer can return to the video as many times as they like. This means that a salesperson can spend less time trying to show the customer a product and more time showing the customer the benefits of the product.

Here is a B2B SaaS product demo video by Content Beta created for Nirmata, the enterprise Kubernetes operations & management platform.


B2B SaaS companies rely on their customer community to grow. If the customer experience is bad, then they will not choose your product. If it is good, then they are likely to stick with you.

Customer support is one of the most important pillars of a SaaS business. Providing good support can make or break sales.

In the world of B2B SaaS, support is often paid for by the customer. This can often mean that customer support tickets are expensive. When support tickets are costly, the business suffers.

Customer testimonial videos are a great way to show off your happy customers that can be used to show potential customers that your product is worth investing in.

We’re all familiar with the power of customer testimonials to build trust and credibility with your target audience. But did you know that customer testimonials can also be used to reduce customer support tickets?

B2B SaaS businesses can use customer testimonials to:

  • Show their commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Build trust and credibility.
  • Help resolve issues before they become support tickets.
  • Show that they are responsive to customer feedback.
  • Help avoid support tickets.

By actively featuring customer video testimonials, companies can avoid support tickets. If potential customers see that you are prompt at addressing customer concerns, they are less likely to have issues that require support.

This is a client video testimonial Content Beta received from their client Lawcus, the Legal Practice Management Software:


4. FAQ Videos

If you’re like most business owners, you are always looking for ways to reduce customer support tickets. After all, every ticket represents a cost in terms of time and money.

What is the reality of customer support tickets?

  • Firstly, a lot of people do not read the Terms & Conditions when they sign up for a service. This can cause problems. For example, if your product has a money-back guarantee, then the person signing up must be able to prove that they have used the product and that they are not unhappy.
  • Secondly, a lot of people do not read product manuals. This can be a problem if you have obvious warnings or instructions. For example, if you offer a WordPress plugin, you need to make sure that the user reads the manual before installing it.
  • Thirdly, a lot of people do not read the documentation or FAQs on your website. This can be a problem if you include information on certain products or amending your warranty.

Usually, it is a combination of all three problems that lead to people ending up with support tickets.

How can FAQ customer support videos help?

A FAQ video is a customer support video that contains answers to the most common questions. It helps you identify these problems and to provide your customers with answers.

These videos can be used to provide customers with answers to common questions as well as show potential customers that you are a company that is easy to work with.

Here is an example FAQ video from the WhatsApp how-to video series:


At some point, every B2B SaaS business wants to know how they can reduce customer support tickets. After all, tickets can be costly – both in terms of the time it takes to resolve them, and in terms of the money spent on support staff.

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to reduce customer support tickets, ‘Tips & Tricks’ customer support videos are a great option. By showing customers how to use your product efficiently, or how to troubleshoot common problems, you can save them time and frustration, and help reduce support tickets.

There are many benefits to creating Tips & Tricks videos. These videos are a great way to:

  • Help your customers get the most out of your product. They can also be used to show potential customers that your product is easy to use.
  • Show customers how to use your product efficiently, troubleshoot common problems, and save time and frustration.
  • Reduce support tickets, as customers are more likely to find the answer to their problem in a video than they are in a FAQ or a support forum.
  • They can be a cost-effective way to provide support, as they can be used by customers again and again, and don’t require a support staff member to be on hand to answer questions.

Here is an example customer support video created by Content Beta for Leadfeeder, the B2B Lead Generation Software company:


How can B2B SaaS companies reduce customer support tickets?

Are you a B2B SaaS company looking to improve your customer experience? If so, you’re not alone. In an increasingly competitive SaaS landscape, a great customer experience could be the differentiator for customers.

Many B2B SaaS companies face the same challenge. The good news is that there are some things you can do to reduce the number of customer support tickets you receive and improve your customer experience:

  • First, make sure you have a strong customer service team in place. They should be knowledgeable and able to resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Second, invest in customer support tools that will make it easy for your team to resolve customer issues.
  • Finally, keep an eye on your competition. See what they’re doing right and learn from their mistakes.

By constantly improving your customer experience, you’ll be able to stay ahead of the competition and keep your customers happy.

Why should reducing customer support tickets be a priority for B2B SaaS companies?

Reducing customer support tickets leads to a happier, more loyal customer base. It should be a priority for B2B SaaS companies for a variety of reasons.

  • Firstly, happy customers are more likely to stick around and continue using your product.
  • Secondly, fewer support tickets mean your team can focus on other areas of the business.
  • Finally, it can save you money in the long run.

Training videos hold the key to ensuring total customer experience by providing all-round solutions to common customer problems.

  • They make your product easy to use and intuitive.
  • They provide clear easy-to-follow visual instructions.
  • They offer excellent customer support.

Here is an example of a customer support video created by Content Beta for TapCart, the mobile app builder for Shopify merchants.


What are the general guidelines for B2B SaaS customer support videos?

Keep these tips in mind when you create training videos:

1. Pay attention to quality: Make sure the videos are high quality, and easy to understand. No one wants to watch a blurry, low-quality customer support video.

2. Keep it to the point: No one wants to watch a 30-minute customer support video when they just want to learn how to do one thing.

3. Add Closed Captions: This will help those who are hard of hearing or prefer to watch videos with the sound off.

4. Make it accessible on all devices: Some people may want to watch on their computer, while others may want to watch on their phone.

5. Promote the video: Once you have created the video, make sure to promote it on your website and social media channels.


There are different types of B2B SaaS customer support videos that can help you reduce tickets.

These onboarding videos are versatile; they can provide step-by-step instructions on how to use a product, answer common questions, and show off features that customers may not be aware of.

When viewers watch a video, they retain 95% of the message, compared to 10% when they read it in text as per an Insivia survey.

The efficacy of using training videos to communicate with customers has proven its mettle. And that is why every B2B SaaS business should invest in customer support videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When it comes to selling SaaS products, often one of the biggest concerns is the lack of customer support. Often, customers who have problems or issues have to wait a considerable amount of time before they hear from a customer service representative.

It is important to monitor the number of customer support tickets closely. If you see a sudden increase, it is important to investigate the cause. This can help you identify problems with your product or service and fix them before they lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction.

  • First, they are worried about the cost of providing support.
  • Second, they are worried about the impact on their customer satisfaction scores.
  • And third, they are worried about the impact on their business if customers are not able to get the help they need.

By featuring customer testimonials in your marketing and on your website, you can show potential customers that you are committed to customer satisfaction and that you are open to feedback. This will make them more likely to do business with you and less likely to have issues that require support.

They are a type of onboarding video ideal for answering simple questions and teaching your customers how to use the product or service. For example, if you are selling a plugin, a how-to customer support video can be used to show the customer how to update the plugin and why it is important to do it.

By using onboarding videos, a customer service rep can answer a few questions, but a video can answer a lot of questions about a product. A rep can answer questions such as ‘how does the product work?’, but a rep cannot show the customer what the product can do for them.

FAQ customer support videos also make it much easier to train and retain staff. If a new member joins the team, they can be used as an onboarding video and learn about the company’s products and services. This means companies can even save money on internal training.

FAQ customer support videos are easy to create, update and share. Customers can watch them on your website, on YouTube, or even on their mobile devices. They are cost-effective and help reduce customer support costs. They can help resolve customer issues quickly and efficiently.

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