5 Tips to Make your B2B Product Launch Video Pop

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June 12, 2024


The secret to a successful product launch is creating creative content, and if you present the content in a video, customers are more likely to relate to and absorb the product. According to a recent Wyzowl report, 89% of video marketers claim that video has a favorable return on investment. While 87% of video marketers claimed that a product launch video increased their website traffic significantly.

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    What is a Product Launch Video?

    A corporation will utilize a product launch video to promote the release of its new product. A product launch video can alter the SaaS industry’s gimmicks completely. A SaaS owner can quickly explain and convert potential leads into clients with a terrific explainer product launch video.

    You can create product launch videos in various formats, including animation, live-action videos, or a combination. In addition, you can share on multiple platforms to reach a wider audience, including websites, social media, and email marketing campaigns.

    Additionally, a fantastic product launch film can assist the company in raising brand awareness and creating excitement for the new product. Videos have become a popular way for individuals to share information since they are quick and exciting. The Wyzowl survey claims that sharing video content with friends is twice as common as sharing other types of content.

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    What are the Tips to Make your B2B Product Launch Video Pop?

    You’ll use increasingly varied lead generation strategies as your SaaS business expands. For example, you’ll experiment with both free and paid social media platforms more and more to increase brand exposure. And as you get more comfortable, you’ll start making saas product marketing videos in this field. You can use video footage in various ways, from posting on LinkedIn to adding it to the homepage of your website.

    Your B2B marketing strategy will benefit from including video content by lowering bounce rates and lengthening visitor stay. It is because users are more inclined to interact with and watch video content on a website than plain text or music. Therefore, product marketing videos will enable you to increase the typical duration of a user’s visit to your website. Here are the top five video production considerations to remember as you plan and produce a product marketing video for your B2B SaaS business.

    1. Lead with what's interesting using Sign Ups

    A new brand is hard to get people to pay attention to; thus, the video needs to be adequate to work its charm. The first 15 seconds of the game determine its outcome. A potential customer will only need 15 seconds to decide whether to watch the entire video or move on to the next. Use the most captivating portion of your content at the beginning to keep readers watching.

    At the end of your product launch video, include a call-to-action (CTA) that encourages viewers to take a specific action, such as visiting your website or signing up for more information. This CTA can drive traffic to your website and help you get leads from interested viewers.

    Making a video for B2B & SaaS products needs a different mindset.

    2. Proper and Correct Timing

    The most critical factor in a successful B2B product video launch will be the timing of your SaaS product video. Consider where to keep your shots, when to slide the animation, and the video’s pace. In addition, it’s essential to use high-quality video and audio to create a professional and high-quality product launch video. These things ensure that your video looks and sounds professional and will be more interesting for viewers.

    Keeping your images brief and to the point will keep your viewers interested. As a result, the editing of your material will also enter the picture, making editing another crucial factor.

    3. Creating an Excellent Musical Background

    For a reason, you can refer to music as the soul and heart of everything. When you add music to a video, its impacts are amplified and serve as the foundation. When making a b2b product marketing video, you should consider the tone and how the music will enhance the final product.

    To make your product launch video pop, consider using visually appealing graphics and animation to showcase the features and benefits of your product. In addition, animation can make the video more engaging and memorable for viewers.

    Additionally, remember the following in mind as you add music to your product marketing video:

    • Video purpose
    • Choose whether the music will lead or follow the video.
    • Emotions

    4. Keep away from Outdated Stuff and Create Awareness

    Consumers have a wide range of options and are under no obligation to choose anyone. The last thing a SaaS entrepreneur wants is to produce or edit videos using old software. Keep up with the most recent market trends and technological advancements your potential customers will find appealing. It will aid in making an excellent first impression on potential customers.

    Before you begin creating your product launch video, it’s essential to define your target audience clearly. The target audience will help you tailor your video’s content and messaging to your target market’s specific needs and interests.

    5. Perfect Audio Balance for User Engagement

    It’s common for audio balance to be the most neglected aspect of video production. Most video production is visual because, after all, that’s where the action is. You may stop watching a video primarily because of the audio. Your potential clients will only hear about your revolutionary new software if your audio blows out the audience’s eardrums and peeks with every syllable.

    Consider making your product launch video shareable on social networking sites and other internet channels to get the most out of it. Sharing on social media can increase the reach and visibility of your video and generate interest among potential customers.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

    What are the Benefits of using B2B Product Launch Videos?

    By creating an informative video showing the product’s unique features and benefits, businesses can help generate buzz and excitement around the product, leading to increased sales and revenue.

    1. Better Understanding of the Offering or Service

    A Hubspot survey found that 97% of business owners thought the video had improved user comprehension of their product or service. Furthermore, 81% stated that it had a direct impact on raising their overall sales. It is also indisputable that seeing product marketing videos makes customers feel more at ease and increases their likelihood of buying.

    By showcasing the product in action and highlighting its key features, businesses can help potential customers to understand how the product can solve their problems and meet their needs.

    2. Adds Value to the Company

    The narration surrounding the product gives the saas product marketing content its punch. In addition, your clients might be emotionally involved and inspired to feel empathy if you contextualize the product by adding a narrative.

    Offer viewers something of value in exchange for their contact information, such as a free trial or a discount code. This way can be an effective way to capture leads from interested viewers. Additionally, some claim rather than knowledge, emotion shown in the video serves as the primary trigger for the act of purchasing.

    3. Product Launch Videos Highlight the Benefits

    The fact that video content shows the product in actual settings is one of its main benefits. To help the customer better comprehend the product, you can discuss all or some of the features. By highlighting the unique features and benefits of the product, companies can help to set themselves apart from the competition and stand out in the market.

    The script for your product launch video should be engaging and informative, highlighting your product’s key features and benefits and how it can solve problems and meet the needs of your target audience. Using images to demonstrate how it can successfully satisfy their demands, these product explanations aim to connect the product’s functionality to its benefits for clients.

    4. Increase Engagement

    Visitors must be able to leave comments on your product page in addition to your video and thorough presentation, like a social media post. Along with the increased interest the product will receive, you may use this feedback to enhance your B2B product video or draw attention to the favorable feedback.

    By embedding the b2b product marketing video on a website or sharing it on social media platforms, businesses can attract more visitors and improve their ranking in search results. Also, remember that video has a 10-fold higher interaction rate than conventional postings with your audience.

    We know how to sell your story using your product UI

    5 Product Launch Video Examples

    To create product launch videos, always match the appropriate channel and funnel stage with your video content. Make a video to teach, entertain, and build stronger connections with your audience. Utilize customer reviews from videos to strengthen your brand’s trustworthiness. Here are examples of five companies that used saas product marketing videos for their upcoming projects:

    1. D - Adobe

    The benefit of the Adobe Marketing Cloud is in this funny commercial without boring the audience with a heavy data sales pitch. Instead, this advertisement adopts a different strategy by emphasizing what happens if you don’t use this product instead of touting everything the product can do.

    2. Squarespace

    This Squarespace video is probably one of the most creative product launch videos you will ever come across.

    The video flows beautifully with the stop-motion animation, kinetic typography, and seamless transitions. The video does not have any voiceover. But the upbeat background score creates a perfect balance with the busy frames to keep people engaged.

    3. Hootsuite

    In this animated product video from Hootsuite, the voiceover explains why some companies fail to succeed on social media in simple, understandable words. Then it details how Hootsuite might aid companies in establishing themselves in the social media sphere.

    4. Ruby

    In Ruby’s product video, three business people (a lawyer, a plumber, and a real estate agent), their clients, and Ruby’s receptionists explain what the platform can achieve. A video that features so many characters may quickly become perplexing. But each businessperson in the film is given their color scheme, including their attire and décor; keeping the many threads separate becomes simple.

    5. Slack

    Slack adheres to the most straightforward principle for producing a compelling B2B product video: describe the problem, then demonstrate how your product may contribute to its resolution. The video highlights the benefits of this integration, including the convenience of tracking orders and communicating with customer service within Slack, as well as staying up to date with order updates and delivery notifications.


    In the hands of a good team such as Content Beta, with a solid B2B video marketing plan and some imagination, video can be a potent tool.

    • B2B product marketing videos can help to educate potential customers about the features and benefits of a product.
    • SaaS product launch videos can help to build interest and demand among potential customers.
    • B2B product launch videos help businesses to differentiate their products from competitors.

    You’ll soon be producing a top-notch audio and visual experience that accurately represents your company’s caliber and distinctiveness! Likewise, you’ll make B2B video marketing content in no time if you keep these five critical aspects of video creation in mind.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    There are many ways to generate leads from a product launch video. By including a CTA, using lead magnets, sharing the video on social media and your website, and using email marketing, you can attract interested viewers and capture leads from your product launch video.

    Many video production agencies specialize in creating product launch videos, such as Content Beta and Wyzowl. These agencies can help businesses design engaging and B2B explainer marketing videos that showcase their products’ features and benefits and help build interest and demand among potential customers.

    Product launch videos are essential for businesses looking to engage and educate potential customers, build interest and demand, and differentiate from competitors.

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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