5 Kickass Product Demo Video Scripts Templates

5 Kickass Product Demo Video Scripts Templates

Videos are the best way of telling a story to the consumer and are a powerful selling tool in the present day. Today’s audience needs creativity, engagement, and more than just education on any topic. Therefore, it is becoming more than necessary for companies to invest in writing an excellent script for their product demo video. Businesses nowadays use videos as a part of their marketing strategy, and close to 29% of them believe in using product videos for sales purposes.
But the critical part remains that creating and designing a video is manageable, especially if your SaaS business has yet to experience producing demo videos. Therefore, this article will discuss everything related to demo video scripts that can be useful during your product video creation.

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5 kickass product demo video scripts templates for top B2B SaaS companies

The easiest way to understand a well-written product demo video script is by looking at the video. Therefore, we have selected five of the best videos that showcase a perfect product demo video script. These videos can be used as an example while your SaaS business is trying to design its next product demo video.

1. Zendesk

Zendesk is a platform that builds software to meet customers’ needs. They created this 2-minute product demo video with a male voice. Zendesk showcased how easy it is to access data through their software. Here is the breakup of the video and the well-done scripting for your understanding:

  • Customer Pain Point – The video highlights the pain point of most companies – a great customer experience.
  • How the product solves the problem – The video described how their reporting functions could help manage their teams and their efficiency better.
  • Key Features/Benefits – Zendesk shares what it can offer to its clients to help the company make the best decisions for its customers. The company has yet to explain every tab in the software but uses an example of how to use the software.
  • CTA (Call to action) – They also had a strong CTA where they may not have said to “check the product” but meant it when they closed by quoting – “this is just the beginning, and there is more that Zendesk can do.”

2. Zoominfo

Zoominfo is a software and data company providing information and data to companies and individuals. Zoominfo has shared yet another video showcasing how sales and marketing professionals can identify, connect and engage with other qualified prospects. Here is the breakdown of their scripting:

  • Customer Pain Point – The video tells about the pain point companies need help to close their deals and get lost in the various prospects.
  • How the product solves the problem – The video describes how professionals can bring their contact info on their app, and an automated dialer can assist in handling repetitive tasks. At the same time, they focus on the main task of closing the deal.
  • Introduction line – The video highlights the pain point, “So you want to spend more time closing the deal” just wanted the customer wants to hear to watch the complete video.
  • Key Features/Benefits – Zoominfo used animation and started the video by telling what the professionals wanted. It is a perfect video with humour, sound, music, and an appealing background, sure to keep its customers glued.
  • CTA (Call to action) – They closed the video by highlighting why people should use their software, i.e. to increase their sales, by adding that you can use it easily with the existing apps.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs provides all SEO tool sets to companies for growing traffic and optimizing their websites. Ahrefs launched its product that can aid businesses in optimizing their website and getting more traffic from google. Let us look at how they scripted and designed this video:

  • Customer Pain Point – Starting a video with a problem statement does wonders, especially when the person watching on the other side is looking for a solution. That is what Ahrefs did by sharing the problem area.
  • How the product solves the problem – Ahrefs tells how they can help highlight the keywords that can help in generating more traffic to their website.
  • Introduction line – The first sentence in the 1-minute and 30 seconds video is, “here’s the problem.”
  • Key Features/Benefits – Ahrefs has used animation to showcase the problem a business faces while attracting customers on google search and continued how its company can assist in solving that problem. Ahrefs played on the pressing issue of people – competition and used that word again and again, wanting them to know more.
  • CTA (Call to action) – Their CTA asked people to start with a free trial and see an improvement in the SEO game.

4. Salesloft

SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform for creating a better buying experience and closing more revenue. Here is how they created their product demo video:

  • Customer Pain Point – SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform, and they know how difficult it can be to make sales.
  • How the product solves the problem – The example demonstrates how the sales manager used to create everything from the stretch, and with the help of Salesloft, they can use pre-build frameworks to ease their jobs.
  • Introduction: The video started with soft and relaxing music displaying the company’s name and logo. They also started with the pain problem but just a statement and directly moved on to explain how they could be of help.
  • Key Features/Benefits – They explained every part of their software, starting from where the customer’s name will reflect using an example.
  • CTA (Call to action) – Their CTA displayed their name and a click button where customers can reach their website easily. They closed the video by sharing why people should invest in them.

5. Canva

Canva needs no introduction, and people use it worldwide to create designs using both paid and free versions. Canva used very different scripting, unlike the other videos mentioned above.

  • Customer Pain Point – Since canva is a brand, they don’t have to attract customers with a problem statement; they already have a loyal base. So, they choose to open the video by talking about Canva itself.
  • How the product solves the problem – In this video, Canva spoke about how a small button can be added anywhere on the business website and help the customers create any design for free. The video also shows the different templates, elements, and graphics and how to add photos, texts, and videos in canvas with a drag-and-drop tool.
  • Introduction line – “Meet the Canva Button”, a simple yet wanting-to-know-more introductory line. It is perfect for a business that already has a mark on the market.
  • Key Features/Benefits – Canva has mixed animation while explaining its product. They have tried to showcase as many buttons as possible during their 1-minute video for people to know about their product.
  • CTA (Call to action) – Canva closed the video with a powerful CTA and an action statement, “So what are you waiting for”, while mentioning that using it is free.

How to create a product demo video script?

A SaaS product demo video is the most effective way to explain to audiences the benefits of your product. Therefore, writing a product demo video script that instantly attracts audiences becomes essential. Here are some techniques for creating an exciting product demo video script:

  1. Always keep your video script short.
  2. Set your video script’s tone and keep your brand image in mind.
  3. Keep your product demo video script as simple as possible to help the audiences understand it easily.
  4. Your script displays a story and does not look like a sales pitch.
  5. Create a script focusing on your product’s benefits.
  6. Make sure your script has a natural voice and something that does not look artificial.
  7. Always ensure to include adding captions in the script.

Begin your script with an attention-grabbing opener that sets the stage for the product demonstration:

  • Introduce the product and explain why it’s essential.
  • Explain the problem that your product solves.
  • Discuss people’s current challenges and how your product can help.

Why should SaaS companies use a product demo video script?

A demo video offers a SaaS company how to build its brand, tell the story and convince the audience to act. Since video creation can be exhausting, a demo video script will help identify the critical factors to remember. A few of the things that a script can assist in gauging are:

  • A method of telling the customer how the product will work.
  • During script writing, you can add instances to check whether they will increase prospects’ interest in your product.

Moreover, a well-made product video can help the SaaS business stand out from the competition and create a long-lasting image in the customer’s mind. Most companies think adding a lot of information makes a great video; instead, the answer is starting an engaging, entertaining, and educating video makes a great B2B product demo video. An analysis from Content Beta shows that more than 40% of SaaS use animated UI as it gives a good look and feel of the product and keeps the user engaged till the end.

What elements should a SaaS product demo video script have?

Wherever a company plans to create a video, there is a reason and purpose behind it. A B2B product demo should be perfect for making people understand how the product can make a difference in solving their problem areas. As a SaaS company, your first focus should be on creating a script that can offer the below-mentioned to its audience:

1. Understanding the product

Your SaaS product demo video explains the UI of your SaaS product in a simple and easy-to-understand way to the audience.

Therefore, understanding what your audience wants should be implemented in the script. For instance, if your targeted audience prefers watching animated videos, add animation to your script.

2. Call to action

Every B2B SaaS product demo video is for one purpose: the result. Now, if you don’t incorporate a closing or an action that an audience needs to perform after watching the video, the script has a problem.

Therefore, your script should include a powerful CTA that encourages potential customers to get in touch, book a demo, start a free trial, or subscribe to learn more about the SaaS product.

In a survey done by Content Beta, more than 68% of the product demo videos had a CTA in some form. A proper CTA will ensure that your customers know the next step.

3. Brand Awareness

Your SaaS company has already been in the market for a long time or may be starting to understand and make customers. In both scenarios, brand awareness makes a huge impact and is critical to any product’s success.

With the help of a well-written product demo video script should focus on the color schemes, logos, and style of your brand. After all, as much as the customer relates to the video and remembers the product similarly, a customer remembers the brand through its style and logo.

4. Highlight features

There are many SaaS businesses in the market; what special and unique feature will your company offer its customers that won’t be available elsewhere? The product demo video’s script should highlight your SaaS product’s USP. It is a fact that video can change the buyer’s perception and make them reach a decision.

Therefore, when planning to write your script, keep every minute detail of your product in mind. Your focus should be on making your product’s unique features the hero of your video script.

What factors should you consider while writing a product demo video script?

Writing a script for a demo video doesn’t mean just considering the product; instead, it is a long process. Any company, whether SaaS or not, should have a plan in mind before writing a video script. Keeping the below-mentioned factors in mind while ensuring the demo video script is made to perfection with minimal chances of failure.

1. Budget

As a company, you would want your product video to be the best and feature everything possible. But the budget is the most important thing to consider before writing the script. The kind of voice, artist, animation, length, everything will eventually be decided by how much money you will invest in your B2B product demo video.

2. Goal

Next comes the goal part. What is the purpose of designing the B2B product demo video. There could be multiple reasons – increase brand awareness, provide product training, and launch a new creation. Finally, depending on the purpose, you should decide on the budget. Some videos may need more time and money than others, so you must alter the script accordingly.

3. Audience

Consider the audience before writing your SaaS product demo video script. Research thoroughly to understand what your customer wants from the video. Understanding your audience is crucial to create an engaging and entertaining video. Know whether your audience understands the jargon or the complex words you use and consider it while designing your script.

An analysis of SaaS product demo videos found that only 24% of the companies incorporated humor in their script, whereas the others chose not to include it. Including humor can change how your audience will connect with you going forward.

4. Tone and style

Tone and style are essential in writing a script for a B2B SaaS product demo video. Once you know what your audience likes, deciding on this part is relatively easy. Multiple options are available, using male or female voices or a mix of both. But, again, depending on your audience’s liking and budget, you can easily manage this factor.

5. Length

In the end, always discuss the length of the video. Consumers may stop watching product demo films if cut too short, and a short video may need more time to fully describe the features and USPs. On the other hand, the length of the video should be enough to glue the audience wanting to know more about the product. Therefore, anything under two minutes should be considered an ideal length for a product demo video.


A product video is an excellent way of showcasing the product’s features, benefits, and USP. Hence, when writing a Product demo script, companies must ensure they incorporate everything needed to make it a success. They should also remember the benefits a great demo video can do for their company.

Additionally, the product demo video script should highlight all the USPs and unique features your product can offer your customer. If you have a well-written video script, convincing your audiences will be fine. Figure out how much money they plan to invest and how long the video will be.

Once you answer all the questions, writing a script is easier. And once the script is ready, creating a SaaS product demo video will not be difficult.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A demo script template for a product video is the written portion of your video that outlines the narratives. You can use these narratives later while making the product video.

While writing a product demo video script, remember a few things, such as budget, goal, audience, length, tone, animation, and video style. Once you seek everything, it would be easier to design a video afterward.

A great product demo video script should have all the elements that can attract customers and make them watch more. These elements should include a problem statement showcasing the real-world problem their product can solve, an intro line, the company’s introduction, product’s features or benefits, and a stronger Call-to-action or CTA.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

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