5 Game-Changing Case Study Design Services You Need to Check Out in 2023

5 Game-Changing Case Study Design Services You Need to Check Out in 2023

B2B prospects are hard to please. They insist on getting complete details of your product or service and its usefulness to others—and to them—before they’ll do business with you. But how can you build that level of trust?

Case studies are real-life examples of how your products or services have helped other businesses achieve their goals. They’re powerful tools for persuading potential clients that your business can help them to meet their business challenges.

For example, in a Content Marketing Institute (CMI) study, 39% of marketers said case studies produced the best results among all their marketing assets.

In this 3-part blog post, we will get to know all about case study design and how to get one done.

  • Part I: Case study design services – 5 game-changing agencies you should work with
  • Part II: Case study design services – The five Content Beta advantages
  • Part III: More about case study design

Table of Contents

Part I: Case Study Design Services - 5 Game-changing Agencies You Should Work With

First, we’ll briefly see how case study design services can help businesses grow by convincing the hardest of skeptics.

1 Being experienced, they can quickly understand a customer’s business objectives, processes, and operations.
2 They can use market research, study the customer’s competitive landscape, and do customer interviews and surveys to identify opportunities for improvement and create an actionable plan to tap the market.
3 Once they have all the data and insights they need, they use a variety of marketing collaterals to design and develop an effective case study.

In the next section, we’ll look at the 5 best case study design services that can help your B2B business be a game changer in 2023 and beyond.

1. Content Beta

Content Beat offers on-demand video and design support for software companies. They have helped 100+ B2B Software companies to produce product marketing and enablement content.

A. Company Details
1 HQ Location Sunnyvale CA | Offices in Mumbai & Bengaluru
2 Founded 2020
3 Languages supported English
4 Pricing Level 1 - $ 2,970/m | Level 2 - $ 5,610/m | Level 3 $ 10,560/m
5 Services offered Case Studies | Remove Video Testimonials | Video Courses | Customer Education Videos | Product Videos | Doc-to-Videos
6 Major Clients Lawcus | Kissflow | Flipkart | AIChat | Galley
B. Customer Reviews
1 Rating - G2 4.8/5.0 | 33 Reviews
2 What do people like “They are very much into detail. They communicate every step of the step very well” - Baris Ergin | Founder & CEO | DirectIQ
3 What do people dislike A G2 reviewer felt that the team may take longer than expected when dealing with high volumes.
4 What problems were solved “Our UI keeps changing but Content Beta provides a maintenance cycle that helps us keep the content updated” - Kalyan Chakravarthy | Product Enablement Manager | Kissflow
C. Case study design example
1 Lawcus How Lawcus achieved higher product sign up with Content Beta

2. Case Study Buddy

Case Study Buddy is a trusted partner for world-class B2B brands and their teams. They specialize in turning one success story into a full campaign of assets, helping clients wring every drop of ROI from their case studies.

This includes written case studies of various lengths, remote and on-location video testimonials, promotional and sales collateral, and more.

Case Study Buddy offers the following advantages:

  • They make it easy for clients to get buy-in and jump on case study opportunities as they arise, coaching them through ideas to improve their odds of client participation.
  • They have a process that can conduct interviews to get the most detail in the least time and deliver a white-glove experience.
  • They have done over 1,000 case studies and 300 clients.
A. Company Details
1 HQ Location Calgary, Alberta
2 Founded 2016
3 Languages supported English
4 Pricing By inquiry
5 Services offered Case Studies | Written Studies | On-location video
6 Major Clients Loom | HubSpot | Calendly | playvox
B. Customer Reviews - G2
1 Rating - G2 5.0/5.0 | 14 Reviews
2 What do people like A reviewer observed that they manage the entire process from beginning to end including client interviews, presentation of data, and viability of a successful story.
3 What do people dislike A reviewer felt that even though the process seems a bit long the results justify it.
4 What problems were solved A client who sells a premium service in a competitive market was drowning in noise, spam, and offers. Their story needed to be credible, and relatable to drive cases. Case Study Buddy helped their sales process attract ideal clients and close the deals fast.
C. Case study design example
1 playvox Case Study Buddy helped playvox save between 5–7 hours each week spent managing and producing case studies.

3. TopLine Film

As one of the UK’s leading video companies, TopLine Film specializes in top-tier case study videos.

They take care of every detail to deliver stunning, compelling, and technically flawless video case studies that highlights your company’s strengths.

Their tips for great case studies include working closely with Sales teams and including supporting statistics.

A. Company Details
1 HQ Location London, UK
2 Founded 2008
3 Languages supported English
4 Pricing $10,000+
5 Services offered Case Study Videos and other collateral
6 Major Clients American Express | SIEMENS | SONY | SHELL
B. Customer Reviews - G2
1 Rating - Clutch.co 4.9/5.0 | Reviews - 22
2 What do people like The team is a real joy to work with because they are enthusiastic and credible.
3 What do people dislike A Clutch.co reviewer felt that it would be great to get more updates on the "next steps" delivery dates.
4 What problems were solved A customer testimonial from Xero on their website says that they were impressed by the quality of the case study videos.
C. Case study design example
1 iAuditor & E Light Electric The case study video provides a compelling case study of how iAuditor has helped E Light Electric by showcasing the importance of investing in technology that can help companies improve their safety and reporting processes in today's fast-paced and demanding environment.

4. Venngage

Venngage offers customizable templates to simplify B2B communication, transforming data insights into engaging visuals. Using these templates, businesses can share their story with prospective clients, organize important visual assets, and create reports and documents with data-driven storytelling.

The platform enables businesses to differentiate themselves from their competitors and promote productivity, alignment, and engagement.

A. Company Details
1 HQ Location Toronto, Ontario
2 Founded 2012
3 Languages supported Arabic | English | French | Italian | Dutch | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish
4 Pricing Enterprise plan starts at US $499 /month for 10+ seats (billed yearly)
5 Services offered Report | Mind Map | Infographic Chart Templates
6 Major Clients Wal-Mart | AstraZeneca | Facebook | GoodLife
B. Customer Reviews - G2
1 Rating - G2 4.7/5.0 | Reviews - 123
2 What do people like Their templates are a great start to a presentation.
3 What do people dislike A reviewer reported a lack of API integrations and limited report customization options.
4 What problems were solved A reviewer reported that the project received great feedback from the screening committees.
C. Case study design example
1 Template This template can be used for business case study examples. It combines social media icons with icons that show in-person communication showing that it is a well-researched case study.

5. ResourceiT

If you’re looking for case study writing that can make you be heard and valued by the B2B technology audience, ResourceiT, an award-winning channel marketing agency can help.

A. Company Details
1 HQ Location Hampshire, UK
2 Founded 2004
3 Languages supported English
4 Pricing By inquiry
5 Services offered Content creation | Demand Generation | Training
6 Major Clients Microsoft | Logitech | Citrix | Lumen | claranet
B. B. Customer reviews - From the website
1 Rating NA
2 What do people like A review from Acquia (which provides support to the open-source web content management platform Drupal) mentioned that they felt like they were part of Acquia’s marketing team.
3 What do people dislike NA
4 What problems were solved Improved and optimized paid media and SEM campaigns and provided the best ROI for their Google Ad program.
C. Case study design example
1 Claranet A list of case studies across industries.

Part II: Case Study Design Services - The Five Content Beta Advantages

Creating compelling case studies takes time and expertise. That’s where a case study design service comes in.

Let’s look at what makes Content Beta a strong contender as a service provider for your next case study.

The Content Beta Creative-As-A-Service (CaaS) allows you to instantly hire a full-stack video and design team on a monthly flat fee that offers a turnaround of 1-2 days that you can cancel anytime. Let’s take a closer look at the service:

1. One-stop Shop

Content Beta by virtue of its experience across SaaS and software industries as well as its expertise with video content and design is perfectly placed to meet all your needs under one roof.

2. Client List

The list of clients features the who’s who of the SaaS and software world. Apart from serving companies like tapClicks, ManyChat, INGENIOUS.BUILD, and Onymos, they also have other prestigious clients. Here is a list :

3. Testimonials & Reviews

The number of client testimonials a company has is always a reliable indicator of the quality of their work and professionalism. Content Beta ratings on the two most popular and reliable review sites are as follows:

Sr. no. Website No.of reviews Rating
1 Clutch.co 2 5.0/5.0
2 G2 33 4.8/5.0

Additionally, you can watch their client testimonial video.


4. Predictable pricing

They offer transparent subscription pricing. Any unused hours in a month will be rolled over for 90 days – eliminating waste. This means if you don’t use them, you won’t lose them!

The pricing plan is as follows:

Let’s look at a break up of the service for the levels under 3 categories: Video Production | Design & Marketing Assets | Podcast & Audio Editing

5. Design portfolio

A good case study can only impress your audience if the data and research is presented well.

Content Beta offers a complete suite of visual assets that can make case study designs stand out and make a great impression on your audience:

Content Beta Design Service
Product UI GIFs Carousel Ads
Data Sheets Podcast Promotion Graphic
Banner Images Presentation Design
UI Design Landing Pages
Web Graphics & Infographics Social Media Graphics

A sample Presentation Design is given below. Source:

Part III: More About Case Study Design

A case study design service can help you create high-quality, visually appealing case studies that showcase your successes and demonstrate why potential clients should choose your business over competitors’.

1. What is case study research and what angles can you use?

Case study research is a way of learning more about something, like how it works and why it happens. It involves looking closely at an example that is typical or particularly interesting.
Researchers collect information by talking to people, from their observations and from what they watch, and from documents to figure out the whole story behind the case.

Watch this short video on how to conduct case study research.


Next, let us look at some use cases.

Joel Klettke, founder of Case Study Buddy, recommends 6 angles you can use for case studies or testimonial videos:

Sr. No. Client Type Use Cases
1 Switcher How and why someone switched from a competitor to you.
2 Upgrader An example of a company who opted to go premium and how it has benefited them.
3 Disambiguator Bring your audience up to speed on a new use case.
4 Buying Board Engage someone with veto power who isn't an end user (e.g. compliance)
5 Skeptic A client who asked hard questions but almost did not convert, and how it was handled.
6 ‘Problem Solver’ An experience with a client that didn't go as planned and how you turned things around.

2. How to design a successful case study?

You can use case studies to provide a detailed analysis as well as demonstrate the value of the work done.

In short, case studies provide convincing answers to the “why” and “how” of a successful project. More importantly, readers get a clear picture of challenges that can be expected and how to convert them into successes.

So let’s examine the 10 factors that go into a successful case study:

Sr. No. Factors How to use them
1. Target audience People who want to learn how a specific product or service has generated positive results.
2. Purpose A case study can have multiple purposes:
- Demonstrate a company's successes, and show how a solution or strategy works.
- Ensure a company's value is obvious to potential customers.
- Explain the project, its challenges, solutions, and outcomes, and show how it worked.
3. Storyline A story can make it easy for readers to follow along with its 3 elements:
- Structure: Clear beginning, middle, and end, with each part helping to reveal the outcome of the project.
- Storytelling elements: Plot, characters, theme, diction, melody, decor, and spectacle.
- Flow: introduction, challenge, solution, benefit, and result to provide readers with a clear understanding of the project.
4. Visual assets You can use Images, illustrations, charts, icons, and other visuals:
- Compare and contrast, highlight key points, explain complex topics, or show relationships between different elements.
- Use icons to break up text and summarize information. Using them can help you attract customers' attention to certain areas of the page
- Brand colors and animations can make a case study stand out.
- Audio, video, and multimedia can dramatically improve user experience.
- Use them with emotionally charged language to better connect with the viewer.
5. Narrative Style Use storytelling elements such as plot, characters, theme, diction, melody, decor, spectacle, and brevity. When writing a case study, it's important to utilize Freytag's Pyramid which consists of seven elements:
1. Exposition: What the narrator explains is happening in the case study in detail.
2. Inciting incident: The spark that gets the story going.
3. Rising action: The point at which the story develops.
4. Climax: The most intense moment.
5. Falling action: The moment when the story winds down.
6. Resolution: Where the story concludes.
7. Ending: The final result.
6. Language - Use emotive, persuasive, and action-based language to explain the problem statement, solution, and resolution.
7. Information Architecture This simply means organizing and labeling pages, content, and data for a pleasant and effective user experience.
8. Screenshots These visuals make the information presented more trustworthy.
9. User Experience Design the case study to get your message across. Make it comprehensive but also keep it uncomplicated.
10. Needs and Goals Think about how you want to highlight the business.

3. How can you write a successful case study?

Start with an interesting story. Think of interesting characters and realistic scenarios that readers can relate to.

Always use charts and graphics can also be used to present data. A powerful executive summary that provides context and highlights the main points is critical to grab the readers’ attention and encourage them to continue reading. Including an interview with the customer is another way to add authenticity and credibility to the story.

Finally, a clear structure that includes the challenge, solution, and benefit, along with highlighting the impact of the effort with statistics, can help to build credibility.

4. How do you pick the right service?

Your success depends on your ability to select a reliable and competent case study design service. Therefore, we have provided a checklist for the purpose:

5. Should you hire a case study design service?

A case study design service will work with you to understand your target audience, identify the most compelling success stories, and craft engaging narratives that highlight the benefits of working with your company.

However, it’s not an easy and happy existence in certain cases. That’s why they also list the pros and cons of hiring a case study design service:


You can easily convince B2B customers to do business with you with help from a reliable case study design service.

A good case study design service can take on the responsibility of creating convincing business case study examples for your B2B company.

Prospects love a problem-solving approach backed by research and presented in an eye-pleasing manner that can convince them to become customers.

In this blog, we saw five such services that can help B2B businesses to improve visibility and achieve success with their expertise. Your B2B company can can also benefit from creating convincing case studies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Case study design services often use qualitative data to gain insights into customer behavior or attitudes. They can also use quantitative data (surveys), qualitative data (interviews), and focus groups to learn what customers want.

Case study graphic design services provide UX designers with a structured process for creating compelling case studies. They work with clients to identify key metrics and objectives, conduct research and analysis, and craft narratives that effectively communicate the impact of the designer’s work.

Every type of business can benefit from case study design services because they help showcase the plus points to potential customers in a convincing way. For example, digital marketing agencies and financial websites can use case study design services to showcase the success stories of their clients to attract more business.

A basic case study design template should include an introduction, background information, challenges and solutions, and conclusions. They even offer attractive visuals such as infographics and presentations to give it a professional look.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

Khyati Agrawal
Khyati Agrawal

Khyati is a seasoned writer and a hands-on marketing professional. She specializes in inbound and growth marketing, content marketing, lead generation, public relations, brand amplification, B2B communications and partnerships, and social media marketing.

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