5 Best App Demo Videos Done Right: Examples + Tips

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5 Best App Demo Videos Done Right Examples + Tips

App demo videos are short promotional clips that showcase the features and functionality of a software application, typically through a screen recording or animation. They serve as a powerful tool for software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies to communicate the value of their products to potential customers.

App demo videos are usually short and to the point, usually one to two minutes in length. These videos give viewers a quick overview and demonstration of an app’s functions and capabilities. The video should be engaging, with high-quality visuals, music, and narration. It should also capture the app’s unique features and benefits so the viewer can download it.

Research from Content Beta shows that 84% are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it. With the rise of remote work and online sales, having a solid demo video can give a SaaS company a competitive advantage in a crowded market.

This blog will highlight 5 of the best app demo videos executed to perfection. Along with examples, you can check the tips on how SaaS companies can create compelling SaaS product demo videos that effectively communicate the value of their products.

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What is the Importance of creating the Best App Demo Videos for SaaS Companies?

App demo videos are an effective way to showcase an app’s features and benefits and to engage potential users. Also, they are a great way to market apps and increase downloads, and create a positive impression of the app.

App demo videos are essential for SaaS companies to showcase their product and show potential customers what they can do. Demo videos allow potential customers to see the effect, understand the features, and visualize how to use them.

  • B2B SaaS Product Demo Videos can also provide a platform to explain the product in more detail and help customers understand the benefits and features.
  • Best app demo videos can help to demonstrate the value of the product, as well as establish trust and credibility.
  • SaaS product demo videos help create a sense of excitement and anticipation, therefore driving more sales.

What are the Top 5 Best App Demo Videos?

Here, we will look at five of the best app demo videos from recent years. Each of these videos exemplify how you can use B2B SaaS Product Demo Videos effectively for marketing an app. So, let’s get started!

1. Zoom

What do they do: Zoom offers a lot of services like providing users access virtual meetings with white board for presentations, chat feature and helps business to conduct their meetings and other official discussions smoothly.

“Introducing Zoom,” a demo video created to effectively demonstrate the main features and benefits of their popular video conferencing product. This example of a successful app SaaS product demo highlights Zoom’s user-friendly interface and its various functionalities that set it apart from its competitors on the market. In addition, the video highlights its multi-person conference possibilities, screen sharing, and phone or computer participation choices.

What video shows: The video also shows real-world Zoom uses. For example, the narrator mentions monthly progress meetings, remote client interactions, and family connections. These examples give context and show viewers how the product might benefit them.

The video’s announcer emphasizes the product’s unmistakable sound, user-friendly design, and security features like password protection. “Introducing Zoom” successfully communicates the product’s main features, advantages, and use cases. This app sample video shows how to captivate viewers, develop trust, and convert.

Year of establishment: 2011

Area of expertise: Single platform for all meetings, presentations, chat.

Number of users: 300 million users


2. Intercom

What do they do: Intercom automates customer communication with live support and chatbot features.

Intercom is a customer communication platform to deliver real-time support, build relationships, and track customer engagement. Intercom showcases its key features and advantages creatively and engagingly in this B2B SaaS Product Demo Video.

An Intercom customer gets a live chat. Post-discussion Intercom educates and automates consumers. Customer profiles and tracking are animated. The video says the platform can engage customers, target them with relevant content, and measure customer satisfaction. You can see the intercom’s main features in the video.

What video shows: This B2B product demo balances message, visuals, and music. The video’s relevant customer scenario helps viewers understand the product. Intercom’s demo video shows product capabilities. Real-life customer scenarios demonstrate the system’s benefits in this demo. Intercom’s demo video features real customers and product benefits.

Year of establishment: 2011

Area of expertise: Providing communication platform to customers specially business personnel

Number of users: 25,000 users globally in 115 countries


3. Airtable

What do they do: Streamline workflow, make tracks, build custom app to develop user interface and connections

Airtable is a revolutionary data management system that allows users to create custom, shareable databases with comprehensive features and superior flexibility. Airtable enables users to store and organize their data in a manner that intuitively adapts to their individual needs, allowing them to filter, sort, and display their data most efficiently.

What video shows: The video examines database programs’ inflexibility and inefficiency. Introduce Air table’s ability to store and organize data in virtual “tables” that can be linked, create displays with sorting and filtering, and collaborate and share. The video illustrates how businesses utilize Airtable.

The video highlights Air tabled’s strengths and adaptability. The video covers Airtable database best practices, including utilizing symbols and colors to indicate data kinds. Airtable’s inaugural video beautifully demonstrates its unique data management solution. In addition, it is an entertaining app demo video.

Year of establishment: 2013

Area of expertise: Building custom applications

Number of users: 2, 00,000 users


4. Trello

What do they do: Trello is an online flexible management tool which can be used by business houses and startups to delegate work, maintain charts, list and record of events and chain of ideas for members to work together on.

Regarding best app demo videos, Trello certainly knows how to nail them. For example, their “Introducing Trello” video showcases its key features and benefits while conveying how to use its organization and productivity tools:

  • The video introduces Trello’s digital Trello board.
  • You can see the app’s goal-setting, task-assignment, and project-sharing features.
  • The film offers components, including collaborative and coordinated project management.

What video shows: This video shows how to maximize app demo videos. It presents the product’s characteristics and advantages. It is a beautiful B2B product demo video example. Use these methods to construct an app demo video. First, prioritize user advantages above complicated features and tiny minutiae. Second, employ animation to make the movie more exciting and highlight the product’s primary features. Finally, don’t forget the call to action—link to the download page or sign-up form after your video.

“Introducing Trello” is a beautiful app demo video example. It showed how to utilize a movie to present a product and convert consumers, emphasizing advantages, animations, and a clear call to action.

Year of establishment: 2011

Area of expertise: Managing virtual projects with systematic data and user interface with calendar and reminder features.

Number of users: 4.75 million users worldwide


5. Asana

What they do: Expertises in maintaining track records, workspace management, and checking progress.

A project management application called Asana assists teams in planning, monitoring, and controlling their work. The video “Introducing Asana” effectively showcases this tool’s main features and benefits, making it a great example of a well-done app B2B product demo video.

What video shows: The demo emphasizes Asana’s teamwork-enhancing abilities. The app demo shows Asana in design, software development, and marketing. These examples show how Asana can help teams track complex projects with many moving parts.

Asana’s drag-and-drop interface simplifies project creation, management, and assignment. As a result, teams may focus on what matters without administrative duties. Finally, the video emphasizes Asana’s efficiency, communication, and productivity. In this video, real-life examples, key functionality, and simplicity pitch Asana to potential clients.

Year of establishment: 2008

Area of expertise: Project Management tool

Number of users: 1,19,000 paid users across the globe


Tips to Create the Best B2B App Demo Videos

Creating a compelling app demo video can make a massive difference in attracting users and boosting sales. The following tips will assist you in creating the finest possible app demo video:

1. Understand Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is the foundation of creating a successful app demo video. Your video should be tailored to their needs and speak directly to the benefits your app brings to them. For instance, if you’re targeting millennials, you should focus on your app’s convenience, speed, affordability, and entertainment value.

The Spinify App Demo Video from Content Beta is an informative and entertaining overview of the popular employee motivation and performance management platform. The video demonstrates the app’s dashboard, which shows businesses all the data they need to track and manage employee performance.


2. Keep Your Videos Short and Simple

App demo videos should be compact and easy to understand. You can achieve this by keeping the length of the video under two minutes and focusing on the essential features. Consider using simple words and visuals to emphasize critical points quickly and clearly.

The short video of uConnect highlights the app’s safety features and how it can help protect users’ personal information. The video also shows how the app can organize events and activities with friends, family, and colleagues.


3. Showcase Your App’s Features & Benefits

Once you’ve identified your target audience’s needs, use your app demo video to demonstrate how your app helps meet those needs. Engagingly showcase critical features and explain how each can benefit users.

For instance, The ohMD App Demo Video showcases the features of the ohMD medical messaging mobile app, designed to help healthcare practitioners and their patients engage in secure and efficient communication. The video highlights the main segments that make it unique, such as its specific messaging capabilities, ability to store patient data securely, and integration with other healthcare systems.


4. Choose the Right Platform to Share Your Video

Once you’ve created your app product demo video, ensuring it reaches your target audience is essential. Focus on the most appropriate platforms, such as YouTube and social media, that allow you to get your message across quickly.

The UpperInc video explains how the app can help businesses stay organized and in control of their expenses, making it easier to focus on growing their businesses. The video also touches on the app’s security features, which keep user information safe and secure. Overall, the UpperInc App Demo Video is a great way to understand this innovative new app better.


5. Encourage Customer Involvement

Differentiate your video content by encouraging user experiences. For example, use existing customer testimonials and success stories to bring your message home. Additionally, app demonstration videos featuring actual users or customer interviews can tell the story of your app in a more personal way.

By giving customers a firsthand experience of your app, you can motivate them to take action. You can use app demo videos to draw customers in and encourage them to explore the app further. You can also use them to demonstrate how to use the app in different scenarios. For example, Increase your conversion rate with personalized, unbreakable, and insightful product demos, as seen in the Walnut demo film.


These tips can help you create a compelling product demo video that demonstrates the features and benefits of your app in an engaging and informative way. By understanding your target audience’s needs, keeping your video short and simple, and encouraging customer involvement, you can make a video that successfully demonstrates what makes your app unique.


A well-produced app demo video is an invaluable tool for SaaS companies, aiding in communicating detailed product information with customers through an engaging platform. Your company’s app demo video will surely succeed with the right combination of visuals, sound design, and messaging.

Additionally, if you want more resources or inspiration to create a compelling app demo video for your company, explore CB Video’s library for more sample videos. They help create an understanding of the product, and you can also use these videos to drive downloads and increase user engagement. By showing potential users the product’s value, people are more likely to download and use the app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SaaS app demo videos are short, informative videos demonstrating the key features and benefits of a SaaS (Software as a Service) application. SaaS companies use these videos to showcase their products to potential customers, providing a visual and interactive representation of what the software can do.

SaaS app demo videos are essential for SaaS companies because they provide potential customers with a clear and concise overview of what the software can do. This clarity can help increase the chances of customers taking action, such as signing up for a free trial or purchasing. In addition, product demo videos can help overcome potential customers’ objections or doubts about the product.

Some tips for creating a compelling SaaS app demo video include using animation to visually demonstrate the product’s capabilities, using real-life examples to illustrate how to use the product, focusing on the critical benefits to the user, and using a user-friendly interface to make the video accessible to a broader audience.

The most important factors to consider when creating a SaaS app demo video are the target audience, footage length, and video style.

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