How to Make a 30-Second Video for B2B SaaS

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Rishabh Pugalia

June 13, 2024


You spent days with your video content team creating a perfect 30 second video because your CMO wants to cash in on the short-video trend.

But despite all your efforts, the video fails to capture your ICP’s attention. Wondering why so? It’s because your video had more of –

  • Confusing jargon instead of concentrated information
  • False expectations rather than personalized/humanized elements
  • Information overload instead of balance between visuals and script
  • Fluff than to-the-point script

Does this sound like you? Then let me help you learn how to create a 30 second video that prospects can’t scroll away from.

Let’s start by understanding why should you even create a 30 second short video in the first place.

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    Importance of 30 Second Videos

    Many C-Suite executives, especially of B2B tech businesses, are still hesitant to invest in short video platforms such as TikTok and YouTube shorts.

    The problem here is their outdated stereotypes about 30 second videos, like

    • Short videos are for B2C
    • B2B buyers don’t consume 30 second videos
    • Short videos don’t convert
    • A 30 sec video is not engaging
    • Messaging doesn’t get conveyed properly through short videos

    What they fail to understand is simply the fact that 30 second videos provide the perfect digital content experience, especially for B2B audiences, because of its

    • Appealing format
    • Short duration
    • Bite-size condensed insights

    Still not convinced of short videos? Let me help you understand their growing importance with five undeniable reasons.

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    Reason No. 1: Higher time-to-value ratio

    Whether B2B or B2C, both audiences have one thing in common: mindless scrolling. It is safe to say that almost every internet user suffers from this.

    Question: How do you ensure that decreasing user attention span doesn’t affect your video marketing strategy?

    The answer is short-form videos because it has the highest time-to-value ratio, which basically means the most amount of information is shared within the smallest amount of time.

    A short video can quickly spread snackable information to the masses in less time.

    Reason No. 2: Algorithms-friendly format

    You must have noticed that every social media channel, Linkedin or YouTube, is prioritizing and pushing short-form content more than ever.

    TikTok, being the market leader in this segment, is also seeing a jump as 66% of B2B marketers are incorporating it in their marketing.

    Seeing this hype around this format leaves no question regarding whether you should invest in short videos or not. Almost every platform is training its algorithms in favor of this format.

    What this means is that

    • More B2B businesses will include short videos in their marketing
    • The B2B niche still accounts for a small but growing percentage of the audience especially on TikTok
    • Competition, especially for tech companies on platforms like TikTok, is relatively low (massive opportunity)

    Reason No. 3: Faster prospect to lead turnaround

    Memory retention is a common marketing tactic in the B2C space. Mostly because B2C relies heavily on advertisements to engrain their brand image in consumer’s minds.

    However, it is quite underserved among B2B marketers. They can also take advantage of short videos strategically to build brand recall in your prospective buyer’s mind.

    Reason No. 4: Better messaging

    Thanks to the 30-second time limit, it pushes marketers to come up with super-concentrated messaging.

    This to-the-point approach is why 77% of users prefer to consume a 30-second video to learn about a product. It goes on to show how convincing shorts can be if done right.

    Reason No. 5: Diverse use cases

    Short videos are gaining momentum because you can use them for multiple purposes.

    For example, you can use 30 second ads in your first product campaign to showcase sneak peeks of your product.

    If you are receiving too many support tickets for a particular problem, create short tutorials that your existing customers can refer to whenever they need assistance.

    Another area where a 30-second video works the best is on marketplaces such as product hunt. Here, short videos can help you attract potential users.

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    How to Make a 30 Second Video?

    Before you start creating a 30 second video, set a clear agenda. How, you may ask? It’s simple to begin by finalizing details like

    • Video type: Explainer video, demo video, product introduction
    • Ideal customer profile (ICP): Demographics, age, job
    • Campaign type: Product launch, product update, new feature launch
    • Video elements: Storyboard, animations, motion graphics, stomp typography
    • Distribution platform: LinkedIn, X (previously Twitter), Facebook, Instagram
    • Core message: Product’s features, pain points it solves, benefits, who it is for.
    • Use case: Landing page, homepage, PPC ads, social media
    • Video settings: Live-action, animated video

    Once you’re done finalizing these basics, move on to the creation part, which looks like this –

    Step 1: Draft the video idea

    The very first step for creating a 30 second video is to develop an idea. It largely depends on which stage of the sales funnel you want to address.

    If you’re targeting the top-of-the-funnel audience, a 30-second explainer video is best. Similarly, the middle of the funnel could be a product overview and a demo video for the bottom of the funnel.

    Knowing what stage of the funnel your video is for will allow you to choose the right elements, messaging, tone, and visuals.

    Step 2: Writing the script

    After drafting the idea comes the script. Remember the format is short form, so avoid over-stuffing content in the script. Keep the word count within 80 words.

    A viral 30 second ad script will always have 5 key component

    • Thought-provoking question/hook
    • Storytelling
    • ICP pain point
    • Your product as a solution
    • Call to action CTA

    Scripting is essential because it will allow you to structure or outline video elements like visuals, sound, and narration properly.

    Step 3: Adding visual elements

    If storytelling is the heart of short video, then visuals are the brain that helps communicate the “what” and “how” of all shorts.

    Yes, visuals allow you to showcase the technicalities of your product, but by no means should they overpower the message.

    If you keep iterating and editing, you’ll eventually find the correct balance between script and visual. Once you’re at this stage, your message will become clearer.

    Step 4: Adding audio elements

    Audio is the narration/voiceover and sound effects. Optimize the audio so that the voiceover or the host voice doesn’t get compromised and viewers get a great viewing experience.

    Step 5: Optimize video dimensions according to each platform

    Lastly, optimize your 30 second video according to the specific platform’s recommended specs. You wouldn’t want your video to look weird or get cropped out of the frame.

    Let’s have a look at the 30 second video produced by Content Beta –

    Every social media platform has its guidelines for short videos, which you can find below.

    Platform Resolutions(in pixels) Aspect Ratio Video Length Supported File Type Supported Official Specs Link
    Tik Tok 1080Ă—1920 9:16, 1:1 Upto 120 seconds MP4, .MOV, .AVI, and .GIF Click here
    Instagram 1080Ă—1920 4:5, 1.91:1 and 9:16 15 seconds to 90 seconds MP4 and MOV Click here
    Facebook 540 x 960, 1080Ă—1920 9:16 3 seconds to 90 seconds mp4, MOV Click here
    LinkedIn 256x144, 4096x2304 4:5, 1:1, 16:9 3 seconds to 10 min ASF, MPEG-1/4, MKV, etc Click here
    X (Twitter) 1280x720, 720x1280, 720x720, 32x32 and 1280x1024 1:3, 16:9, 3:1 0.5 seconds to 140 seconds MP4, MOV, H.264 Click here

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

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    Bonus Tips on Creating 30 Second Video Ideas That Will Get You Viral

    Tip 1: Internal SME creating theme-based short video series. For example, if you offer a project management tool, you can create short videos around “how to track project progress using (your tool).”

    You can educate your target audience about concepts related to your business and establish your domain authority.

    Tip 2: Repurpose your existing podcasts, interviews, blog posts, or client case studies into a 30 second video and post it on your social media.

    Maybe your ideal customer doesn’t have time to watch your entire case study, so why not show them short clips that quickly answer their questions?

    Why Content Beta?

    In a 30 second video production, be it timing the messaging right, ensuring the perfect visual-to-script ratio, or capturing the prospect’s pain point, – Content Beta has got you covered.

    With our Creative as a Service model that has technical and creative experts, creating an engaging 30 second video becomes easy.

    That’s why over 150 B2B tech companies have trusted us for animation demo videos and continue to do so because of our

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    Let Content Beta, rated 4.8 by G2, help speed up your assets production without compromising content quality.

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    Whether it is about achieving virality, introducing new features, or reducing support ticket numbers, a 30 second video can do it all.

    The format is becoming a must to have in every B2B company’s video marketing strategy because of its obvious benefits, such as higher-

    • Engagement
    • Shareability
    • Retention rate
    • Brand recall

    Getting every second of a short video to perfection is an absolute must. Sounds difficult? Well, not if you follow this guide on how to create a 30 second video thoroughly.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    The ideal script length for a 30 second video could be between 70 to 80 words.

    You can integrate your brand in a 30 second short video effectively by

    • Placing the brand logo as a watermark in the video
    • Adding your website link in the CTA
    • Using the same color palette as your branding

    The price range of 30 second video production varies from $500 to $2500 or higher.

    The budget will depend on whether you’re repurposing clips from existing content or creating from scratch.

    3 DIY tools to help you create 30 second B2B videos.

    • Canva
    • Adobe premiere pro
    • Midjourney

    We have made videos for 150+ B2B & SaaS companies.

    Explainer Video, Product Demo, Remote Video Testimonials, and more.

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