22 Tips on the best channel for brand awareness for your B2B company: Advice from Experts

22 Tips for B2B Software Content Format That Works Best In Generating MQLs: Advice From Experts

22 Tips on the best channel for brand awareness for your B2B company Advice from Experts

In order to build a positive reputation in the industry and attract new customers, B2B companies need to increase brand awareness. Several strategies can be used to increase brand awareness for a B2B company, including developing a clear brand message, leveraging social media, investing in content marketing, and attending industry events.

There are a number of channels and platforms a B2B company can use to increase its brand awareness. Among the most popular ones are social media, networking events, conferences, email marketing, content marketing, and paid advertising.

Therefore, we compiled Trends in B2B Software Content Marketing 2023, where we handed over the mic to B2B content veterans and marketing leaders to get you insights and ideas from the best!

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What is the best channel for B2B software brand awareness? Here is what we found!

For the best channel for brand awareness, we found that most B2B marketers were huge fans of the platform LinkedIn. Meanwhile, Twitter finished at a close second. A few preferred to expand their network and increase discoverability by hosting in-house podcasts.

Advice from experts on the best channel for B2B software brand awareness

Having grilled the experts about pressing content marketing issues, we have some amazing tips to share with you.

The best channel for improving our company’s brand awareness is organic search. Right now Google searches for the solutions our platform provides field service teams is introducing the Zuper brand to the largest audience.

Without a doubt: social media, particularly LinkedIn. We are a B2B company selling to other B2B companies, so LinkedIn is a natural choice for us. We engage in heavy employee advocacy, as well as themed campaigns for our corporate channels, which drives a lot of success for us.

Since our software is customer-facing, we get many benefits from our branding in our user’s workspaces, where their customers see it and click through. We have implemented detailed tracking so that we know which signups come from these Powered By backlinks. It’s almost like a viral loop where the more users we have, the more referrals we will get.

Blog and resource content, by a significant margin. Ranking on search engines helps us move beyond our own echo chamber and make a brand impression on people we never would have managed to reach otherwise.

I think content also helps us put our best foot forward. It’s not pushy like sales, it’s not braggy like PR can be, and it’s not ephemeral, like social posts are.

However, we did start a TikTok account last year, and we’ve had some success there! Mainly TikTok has helped us with recruiting people. We’ve been surprised to hear job candidates say they found out about Parabol on TikTok!

Template content has been the most effective for us in terms of winning sign ups. Parabol is an online meeting tool for product teams. So our meeting templates bring a lot of people through the front door and increase the surface area of our product on the SERP vs just having a couple of product pages.

LinkedIn. We’ve discovered that LinkedIn is where our target audiences spend their time and actively engage with content on, and we’ve seen a 65% follower growth in the last 90 days alone.

Social media, specifically LinkedIn, is the most effective channel for driving brand awareness for Goldcast. We’re a small company with a small team, so we focus 100% of our efforts on LinkedIn, which is where our audience prefers to engage.

For us, it has been PR, podcasts and events – it’s a way to reach thousands of people with no budget. For example, if our person is on the stage at the marketing event, they will reach very targeted audience. As people can relate with people so much better than with brands and logos, it also builds trust and connection.

Podcasts have been the best way to grow brand awareness.

It depends on the niche you’re in. LinkedIn works fantastic for content syndication and promoting directly to connections you hope to turn into leads. You’re able to demonstrate your knowledge repeatedly to your target customers for free.

Companies with a high content velocity and investment in their content will see higher than average results from organic search as well. Providing value to a potential customer or client is a great way to get them aware of your brand – especially when you pair it with a great lead magnet.

We like to keep the ecosystem conversation going on LinkedIn.

For us, it is guest posting our best content on highly authoritative websites related to your niche. Here is the sauce.

These high domain-authority websites have painstakingly consolidated their audience and earned their trust over the years. You would need years and heavy bags of marketing dollars to build such an audience on your own.

Thus it is more economically viable to stand on the shoulder of such giants, leveraging the credibility that comes with their platform to strategically introduce your brand to their audience. This is via guest posts.

But, of course, it has to be a symbiotic win-win transaction. For really authoritative websites, you would have to produce cutting-edge premium content to organically earn their audience’s prized eyeballs.

If you have not got the energy for this slow-and-steady “”staircase”” approach, you may as well take the elevator and pay tens of thousands of dollars to get them to post anything about you (even a picture of you on your pajamas…lol) on their website.

But guest posts work well in expanding your brand reach. The audience you accrue can be open to taking your lead magnet (in case you want their emails to integrate them into your sales funnel) since they are being led to your website from a site they solidly trust –that is the site you guest posted on.

Currently, I believe Twitter and professional communities.

I stick to organic search (i.e. SEO)

YouTube via channel partners


Google via SEO optimised blogs



LinkedIn and Twitter is working great. Lots of events and webinars are typically shared on Twitter and LinkedIn, and we participate in them to generate brand awareness.

Website, PR, LinkedIn

LinkedIn and Twitter.

LinkedIn & Instagram

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Increasing brand awareness for a B2B organization can be accomplished in a variety of ways. The following are some options to consider:

  • Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can be great places to connect with potential customers.
  • Sharing relevant, valuable content on your website and social media channels can help you attract and retain a clearly defined audience, and ultimately drive profitable sales.
  • By sending targeted email campaigns to potential customers, you can increase brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.
  • You can promote your brand and meet potential customers by attending industry events and conferences.
  • Paid advertising: Investing in paid advertising on platforms like Google AdWords and LinkedIn Ads can help increase visibility for your brand.
  • Media coverage and influencers can improve your brand’s visibility and credibility through public relations.
  • Reviews and testimonials from customers can aid in building trust and brand awareness by encouraging them to leave reviews on your website and social media.

Your business may benefit from experimenting with a combination of different platforms and channels.

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