13 Ways to Use your Animated Product Demo Videos to Generate Lead and Sales

7 Essential Ingredients of Amazing Animated Product Demo Videos

13 Ways to Use your Animated Product Demo Videos to Generate Lead and Sales

According to a recent Wyzowl study, 69% of viewers prefer to watch a video rather than read about it when learning more about a specific business. According to the same survey, 84% of customers decided to buy the product after watching its product demo video. It has made it quite evident that video marketing is gaining popularity over text advertising.

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What is an Animated Product Demo Video?

An animated product demo video is one of the most effective ways to persuade a customer to purchase your SaaS product. It is the simplest way to demonstrate how the program operates and performs and how it may help you solve business challenges. As per DMB Adobe, customers are 1.81 times more inclined to try a new product or program after watching a B2B product demo video.


13 Ways to Use your Animated Product Demo videos to Generate Lead and Sales

There are various animated videos accessible today that you, as a SaaS provider, can use as a marketing approach. As previously said, these videos have a considerably more significant impact than other forms of marketing. Here are 14 methods to use animated product demo videos to create leads and income.

1. Cater Audience Needs to Generate Revenue

Knowing your audience is the most critical aspect of any marketing strategy. As a SaaS owner, you should understand what your customers want to know about your product. Also, if you are targeting a first-time prospective customer or someone who has already purchased from you, Knowing all this information will allow you to construct your SaaS product demo video accordingly.


2. Add Clear, Obvious CTAs for Conversion

Always define your goal. What is the outcome of watching the product demo video? Do you want customers to buy, subscribe, or leave a comment? After seeing your video, you want viewers to perform a CTA. Once you’ve decided, add it to your video to encourage visitors to interact with your brand promotion. The CTA serves as your virtual handshake and greeting with them.


3. Use Videos as Gated Content

One of the most common types of interactivity is video gating, which limits video playback by requiring the user to take some action. You can use animated product demo videos to showcase your content and encourage clients to use your SaaS solution further. Gated content can be a terrific strategy to generate leads if you have excellent videos available for free and entice viewers to watch more.

4. Offer Related Content for download next to your Videos

While watching a video may entice the consumer to take the next critical step, it is also vital to provide some related content that the consumer may keep with them for future usage. Provide a download option for the content that displays more information with your B2B SaaS product demo video.


5. Boost your SEO

SEO is essential for ranking a website or video higher in search engine results. A B2B SaaS product demo video can help you because consumers prefer watching videos over reading long texts, especially technical ones. In reality, videos create more traffic and keep viewers interested for extended periods.


6. Explain your Product/Services

An animated product demo video is an explainer video that shows your product’s or service’s advantages and benefits. When an audience watches a video, their chances of comprehending the product are considerably higher than when they read about how to configure or dismantle a product.


7. Video for Lead Scoring

As a SaaS service provider, you can use your product demo videos for lead scoring because video content is unquestionably the most popular choice of content among consumers nowadays. Lead scoring is simply determining which videos your prospective customers watch the most and what else you can do to convert them into leads.


8. Embed Lead Gen Forms directly into the Video Experience

While developing your B2B product demo video, you can add lead generation forms, which will eventually help you generate clean and organic leads. Instead of a standard lengthy document, you can utilize conditions akin to hilarious quizzes or questionnaires that are equally engaging for customers to fill out.


9. Promotion on YouTube

YouTube has two types of promotion: cards and end screens. You can use Cards to promote your animation demo video, a playlist, or a channel and encourage viewers to vote in polls. On the other hand, the end screen asks users to subscribe to the YouTube channel with an advertisement that appears near the end of the video content. It might be on your own promoted video or the videos of others.


10. Add Video to Email

If you have email subscribers, keep informing them about new product videos by adding them to your monthly newsletter. You can also send the video to a list of potential clients who have already expressed interest in your services.

11. Paid Promotion on Facebook

Paid marketing is now the norm; people use it to raise brand awareness, capture leads, and drive conversions. As a SaaS entrepreneur, you can also use your video ads on Facebook to ensure a strong ROI.


12. Paid Promotion on Linkedin

Many people today utilize LinkedIn to find professional guidance and support. It is one of the finest platforms for demonstrating how to use your product to solve business challenges. Make a SaaS product demo video with an embedded lead generation form to communicate with potential clients.

13. Share on Social Media

Posting SaaS product demo videos on your social media pages can help raise product awareness and drive organic traffic to your website. By getting the SaaS in front of potential customers, encouraging brand recognition, and boosting sales, channels like Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok assist in the extensive growth of the brand. Increasing your social media following will aid in attracting new audiences and nurturing potential leads.

How to make your own Animated Product Demo Video stand out?

An animated product demo video is a great way to share product information with a large audience in a single shot. But how can you ensure it’s not just any animated video and that people watch it? Continue reading to learn more.

1. Motion Graphics Videos

Motion graphics videos are the new standard for showcasing your SaaS product and connecting with potential customers. You can use 2D or 3D effects to make it more appealing, which customers will remember for a long time.


2. Features Highlights/Overview Videos

How you market your product will ultimately determine how well it sells. A product demo video will often assist you in highlighting the features and benefits of your product. These videos work well in technical businesses where users want to know every detail about the product.


3. Story-telling Videos

Story-telling videos are animated representations of communicating a product’s utility and benefits through a short, concise story. Narrative telling works well in a SaaS firm when users can see how the product can help them in real-time.


4. Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation generates a B2B product demo video that looks like it was handwritten on a classroom whiteboard or a white background. Because the bare pictures are simple to understand, it’s a popular technique to express detailed information.


5. Tutorial Videos

When individuals want to learn something and test it out, they watch tutorial videos. When potential leads watch your demo videos and decide to buy the product, tutorial videos will help your SaaS business.


6. Landing Pages

A landing page is a separate web page that a visitor “lands” on after watching your animated product demo video. Every content strategy should involve using landing pages To convert more traffic and enhance conversions.

5 Examples of Animated Product Demo Videos

It is well-known that individuals tend to turn to videos more frequently when they need to learn how to complete a specific task, mainly if it involves using new software. In a recent Wyzowl poll, 94% of respondents claimed that videos increased consumer understanding of their goods and services. You can find inspiration from these five animated product demo videos for B2B SaaS companies.

1. Airtable

A software platform, Airtable aids users in creating the solutions they require to run their businesses. They have made an animated explainer video demonstrating how companies can use their airtable software to start, build, and even launch their marketing campaigns. The animation demonstration showed how to organize everything in a single location. Along with many other things, the program can approve and distribute projects.

With a clear call to action for viewers to check out their products, Airtable made their video for project management tasks. This video’s main goal was to demonstrate how to use several tabs without much hassle.


2. Survey Monkey

Another excellent example of a SaaS animated product demo video is Survey Monkey. The company’s business is to provide millions of individuals with the tools they need to turn feedback into actions that promote development and innovation. They produced a flawless animated product demo movie to explain how their survey monkey industry tracker is to aid strategy, research, marketing, and finance professionals in gathering confidential data and identifying market trends. They do this to assist those professionals in making a wise investment and strategy decisions.

By employing unique characters, animation, and vibrant representation, Survey Monkey made it extremely clear what it wanted customers to do—book a demo.


3. Zendesk

Another software business that creates software specifically to meet the needs of its customers is Zendesk. They demonstrated how their solution could help a team be ready for success and keep its business in sync with their nearly two-minute animated film. It is abundantly evident in the animated explanation video how simple it is to obtain data to support better company and customer decisions.

At the end of the customer care product video, Zendesk urged viewers to view their most recent offerings. They have used reports and graphs as their USP that the customers can relate to because it is data analysis.



Zoom, a well-known brand in the business sector, created an animated hybrid model video for DTEN ME’s home office solution for video meetings, phone calls, and interactive whiteboarding. They produced a hybrid animated product demo movie highlighting how fantastic their product is with the aid of actual humans and animation. The Zoom video demonstrates how simple it is to communicate with individuals worldwide using a single platform.

Zoom has invited all users to check out their software, explicitly launched for remote working. The one-minute film, composed only of music and energetic, joyful faces, created a lasting impression.


5. Google Fi

This video is an example of a great animated product demonstration video from Google Fi, an MVNO telephone company. Google Fi offers mobile broadband, calls, and SMS using Wi-Fi and cellular networks. In the animated product demo, the company concentrated on presenting the unique aspects of its products, such as connectivity, data consumption, privacy, and security.

Users will be captivated by its vibrant animation and varied background music and want to learn more about the proposal. Google Fi concluded by encouraging viewers to check out its product.


What are the Benefits of Using an Animated Product Demo Video?

Demo videos help the brand explain its products’ features more engagingly. A B2B SaaS product demo video would offer additional features to enhance the product’s quality and capture the audience’s attention.

1. Engage Customers

A product video would assist businesses in effectively communicating, engaging with their customers, and creating a presence. Customers gain a better understanding of the items and have a better experience with them thanks to animated videos.


2. Demonstrate Functionality

B2B product demos enable brands and businesses to successfully exhibit the features and functions of their goods to their target audience and prospects. It is the ideal tool for highlighting your products’ significant features and functionality at a reasonable cost, with various extra added benefits.


3. Showcase User Experience

Customers can see how the product works from various angles and how it can help them solve their problems by watching an animated product demo video.


Animated product demo videos can be a great way to generate leads and sales. They can help to explain complex products and concepts in a user-friendly and entertaining way.

They are essential for introducing products to new customers, as they can quickly grab the viewer’s attention and provide an overview of what the product offers.

As animated product videos are all about explaining your product to users in a way that makes them want to buy it, they may be a boon for SaaS companies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An animated product demo video is one of the most effective ways to persuade a customer to purchase your SaaS product. It is the simplest way to demonstrate how the program operates and performs and how it may help you solve business challenges.

A demo video is essential for showing your consumers how your SaaS products work. These videos demonstrate your items and educate prospective customers on their features.

A B2B SaaS product demo video assists your clients in making an informed purchasing decision. If a buyer is unsure about purchasing a product, a product video will assist them in making a purchasing decision. Approximately 97% of clients found videos helpful when purchasing a specific item.

Animated videos popular, app demo videos, corporate videos, customer service videos, explainer videos, and interactive videos are some of the best-animated product demo videos that can be perfect for your SaaS website.

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