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12 Best Customer Success Video Software And Tools For SaaS

12 Best Customer Success Video Software And Tools For SaaS

Written by Rishabh Pugalia
Written by Rishabh Pugalia

Rishabh leads the content strategy at Content Beta, a creative video and design agency for Tech & SaaS companies.

Before we look at the tools that help measure customer success, let us understand what Customer Success is.

“Customer Success is simply ensuring that your customers achieve their Desired Outcome through their interactions with your company. That’s it!” – Lincoln Murphy, SaaS Customer Success expert

So far, so good. But how does one ensure your customers are indeed achieving their “Desired outcomes”?

This is where Customer success software and tools come into play. Your Customer Success team needs to employ software tools including CRM and help desk software.

Moreover, a recent Oracle study indicates that more than one in three companies find customers prefer to complete a purchase or resolve a service issue without speaking with a human agent. This development makes a clear case for use of Customer Success videos.

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How Can B2B SaaS Customer Support Videos Help Achieve Customer Success?

As a B2B SaaS business, your customers’ success is essential to your own. You need them to stay engaged with your product or service so they continue to see value in what you’re offering – otherwise, they’ll quit.

That’s why providing customer support is so important, and why B2B SaaS customer support videos can be such a valuable asset in achieving customer success.

B2B SaaS Customer support video is a broad term encompassing many types of videos including training videos, onboarding videos, how-to videos, and so on.

Customer support videos can help customers to be successful in several ways:

  • They can help new customers learn about a product or service, and they can also help existing customers troubleshoot issues.
  • They can help build customer confidence and loyalty, and they can also reduce customer support costs.
  • They can provide step-by-step instructions on how to use your product or service. This can be helpful for new customers who are still getting familiar with what you offer, or for existing customers who need a refresher.
  • They can help to troubleshoot any issues that customers may be having. If a customer is having difficulty with something, chances are there’s a customer support video that can help them resolve the issue.

In this guide, we will look at the various types of customer success video software tools customer Service and customer success teams can use to achieve customer success.


Sr. No. Company Software & Tools
1 Salesforce CRM System
2 Content Beta B2B SaaS Customer Success Videos
3 HelpScout Customer Support Software
4 Zoom Video Communication Tool
5 Desktime Employee Productivity Tool
6 Zendesk Customer Support Software
7 Mixpanel Product Analytics tool
8 Loom Video Creation Platform
9 Intercom Live Chat Solution
10 Servicenow Digital Workflow Management Platform
11 Upscope Co-browsing Software
12 Custify Customer Success Software for SaaS

What are some of the best Customer Success Software Tools?

There are many types of customer success software tools. In this list, we look at ten such tools:

What is a CRM?

CRMs help businesses manage customer relationships. Using them one can track customer interactions, including leads, sales, and service engagements. This allows businesses to improve customer retention and increase lead conversion rates.

Additionally, they offer marketing automation capabilities that can help businesses track and measure marketing efforts.


Salesforce Chatter is a powerful customer communication tool that helps companies manage conversations with customers and leads. It includes features such as chat, email, and lead management. Here are some tasks you can perform with it:

  • Updates or comments can be posted in Groups or on records.
  • Bookmark posts, share files, and share links
  • You can improve visibility by posting polls and pinning posts.
  • You can send private messages.

Customers: NBCUniversal | Fonterra | General Electric | Hubilo | Mahindra & Mahindra


In addition to being included at no additional cost for all Salesforce editions, Chatter is also available for USD15/user/month for non-Salesforce users.

The paid Chatter license includes Salesforce content library | Ideas and answers features of Salesforce CRM | Read-only access to accounts and contacts | platform.

Watch the B2B SaaS Customer Success video for an overview of Salesforce Chatter:


Founded in 2020, Content Beta is a SaaS-based video production company. Their studio-quality hybrid product demos and training videos have helped some of the world’s leading SaaS companies onboard, engage, and retain users.

Their specialty is creating customer success videos such as product demo videos and video testimonials with engaging UI animation and motion graphics. As a full service agency, they write scripts, storyboards, edit videos, and provide final videos at a fixed and transparent price.

Content Beta customer support video offers:

Sr. No. Package Timeline Price
1 Unlimited Subscription for Video-Audio Design Monthly plan USD2,700/m
2 Product Explainer ~14 days USD2,400
3 Podcasts ~7 days USD1,000
4 Video Testimonials ~7 days USD1,000
5 Product Demo Video ~10 days USD900
6 Onboarding/Customer Support Video ~7 days USD600

Here is an example of a customer success video created by Content Beta for


HelpScout is a software platform designed to help customer service teams deliver great service. It offers an entire suite of tools including live chat, inbox management, and in-app messaging.

Additionally, you can create a help center with help guides and frequently asked questions, which is great for customer self-service.

Product features:

Sr. No. Features Details
1 Live Chat Takes just minutes to set up and start talking to customers.
2 Shared Inboxes Includes organization, collaboration, and automation features necessary for a great customer experience.
3 Knowledge Base With this customer self-service center cut down on your support volume by as much as 30%.
4 In-app Messaging Offer support proactively by sharing helpful links and making timely announcements.

Customers: Mixmax | OkCupid | Affirm | Honey | Spindrift


All prices when charges annually:

  • Standard: USD20 per user per month
  • Plus: USD35 per user per month
  • Pro: USD65 per user per month

Watch the B2B SaaS customer success video from HelpScout


Zoom is a video conferencing and collaboration platform that makes it easy for companies to connect with customers in real-time. The app includes features such as video calling, group calls, and recording.

Products offered by Zoom:

Sr. No. Product Features
1 Meetings HD video + audio collaboration
2 Video Webinars Full-featured and easy-to-use webinars
3 Marketplace Integrations and bots to use with Zoom
4 Contact Center Omnichannel contact center solution
5 Phone System Enterprise cloud phone system
6 Zoom Team Chat Streamline communication between your teams
7 Events All-in-one platform to host virtual experiences
8 Whiteboard Create and collaborate in and out of meetings
9 Conversation intelligence Conversation analytics to improve sales

Customers: Okta | servicenow | Nasdaq | Atlassian | Autodesk | Rakuten | DocuSign

Pricing: Zoom offers the following plans:

Plan Meetings Whiteboard Team chats Price
Free 100 3 Editable boards + 25MB of cloud storage Group chat & file sharing Free
Pro 100 3 Editable boards + 25MB of cloud storage Chats and channels for collaboration + file sharing USD14.99 per host per month
Business 300 Unlimited boards Chats and channels for collaboration + file sharing USD19.99 per host per month
Enterprise 500 or 1000 attendees Unlimited editable boards with standard features Chats and channels for collaboration + file sharing USD19.99 per host per month

Watch the B2B SaaS customer success video that explains how to join a Zoom meeting:


DeskTime is a time-tracking software that helps companies track how much time employees are spending on tasks related to their jobs. It is a single-time tracking app for desktops and mobile phones.

Features & Benefits:

  • Time tracking for work tasks, project management tools, and deadlines tracking.
  • Detailed analysis of how you spend your day at work starting with the time of your arrival and overall view of your productivity and effectiveness
  • Productivity bar which shows how you’re spending every five minutes of your workday
  • Keep track of the time spent in meetings.
  • Offline time tracker when you’re on work-related activities.
  • Integration with Zapier, Jira, Asana, Trello, etc.

Customers: Sixt | Mapon | Montway | On the map | Printful


It offers a 14-Day free trial and you don’t need a credit card.

Plan Price per user per month Features
Desktime Lite $0 Automatic time tracking | URL and app tracking | Integrated web timer | Mobile app
Pro USD7.00 Desktime Lite + Productivity calculation | Idle time tracking | Project time tracking
Premium USD10.00 Pro + Automatic screenshots | Absence calendar | Shift Scheduling | Booking | and more
Enterprise USD20.00 Premium + VIP support | Personalized onboarding | Unlimited projects | Unlimited tasks | and more

Watch the B2B SaaS customer success video that explains how you can use Desktime to ensure your employees remain productive:


6. Customer Support Software: Zendesk

Zendesk helps companies handle customer inquiries in one place. It includes features such as chat, ticketing, and support tickets for better customer service. Features & Benefits:

  • ROI Calculator: Businesses can use this tool to evaluate the benefits of an omnichannel approach to customer service.
  • Integration: Easily integrate all relevant customer data using our code and no-code integration options.
  • Single customer view: Create one unified customer view and use it to personalize customer experiences across all customer journey stages.
  • Actionable insights: Monitor, analyze, and act on customer needs. Analyses and reports can be created easily across sales, service, and third-party systems.

Customers: Immunotec | Genial Investimentos | Warren | Firstbases | Atom Finance | Age of Learning


Products Suite Team Suite Growth Suite Professional
Zendesk for Sales USD19.00 USD49.00 USD99.00
Zendesk for Service USD49.00 USD79.00 USD99.00
Per Agent Per Month, billed annually

Watch the B2B SaaS customer success video that provides an overview demo for Zendesk:


Mixpanel is a customer analytics platform that helps companies track customer engagement and behavior across web and mobile channels. It includes features such as tracking website clicks, app downloads, and social media engagement. Add a technical SEO tool to your pool and you can amplify organic traffic immensely.

Features & Benefits: Event-based tracking: Analytics tools often measure engagement by tracking page views and browser sessions. Mixpanel uses a different, more powerful data model based on three key concepts–Events, Users, and Properties– to track in-product interactions, enabling a much deeper analysis of user behavior.

Dashboard, the home base: Dashboard cards show top-line metrics, and behind each card is a fully customizable report.

Core reports: There are four types—Insights, Funnels, Flows, and Retention.

Customers: Docusign | uber | rakuten-viber | yelp | GoDaddy | BuzzFeed | Expedia | ZipRecruiter


Plan Free Growth Enterprise
Price NA Starts at USD 15.00/month Starts at USD 15.00/month
Features Unlimited data history & seats | Core reports (including Flows) | Data dictionary and more Free features + Unlimited saved reports & cohorts + Impact report with causal inference and more Growth features + Advanced access controls Experiments & Signal reports and more

Watch the B2B SaaS customer success video that provides a product demo for Mixpanel:


The Loom video recorder lets you capture your screen, webcam, and microphone all from within a web browser. Loom makes it easy to create sales engagement videos.

Features & Benefits:

  • Loom hosts and manages all video content
  • loomSDK
  • They offer a free version. The ‘Business’ plan has a 14-Day free trial
  • Screen Recorder for Chrome, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Use cases include: Team Alignment, Sales, Engineering, Design Marketing, Product Management, Support, and Education

Customers: HubSpot | Atlassian | NETFLIX | Lacoste | Juniper | greenhouse | LaunchDarkly


Plan Starter Business Enterprise
Price Free USD 8.00/Creator/month charged annually Contact Sales
Features Screen recording & cam bubble + Instant editing + Unlimited transcriptions + more Starter + Custom branding | Engagement insights | Embed links in video + more Business + SSO (SAML) and SCIM (Okta) + Advanced content privacy + Custom data retention policies + more

Watch the B2B SaaS customer success video to learn how to get started with Loom.


Intercom specializes in business messaging; it enables businesses to chat with customers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Engagement OS connects your business to your customers in real-time and on their terms.
  • Creates an ongoing dialogue that helps businesses make the most of every customer engagement.
  • Allows for smarter routing of your website visitors and lead qualification.
  • Connect with website visitors in real-time
  • Shortens the time between intent and purchase by connecting with visitors when they are on your website.

Customers: Udemy | Microsoft | Notion | Amazon | Hostinger | Contentful | Coda | Spendesk


Plan Small Businesses Other Businesses
Support Engage Convert
Price Starts from USD74.00/month, billed annually Pricing by enquiry
Features Chat & email support + Targeted outbound email + In-product messages Live chat for
support + Team inboxes + Ticketing workflows + more
Outbound email and in-product messaging + Push messages & notifications + Custom bots + more Conversational chatbots + Live chat for sales + Smart lead qualification + more

You can learn more by watching the B2B SaaS customer success video created by Content Beta for Intercom:


Using ServiceNow, you can define, manage, automate, and structure security, operations, customer service, and HR services.

Features & Benefits:

  • With the Now Platform, you can build and automate quickly, future-proof technologies, and deliver great customer experiences.
  • AI-powered conversational chatbots make it easy for employees and customers to resolve issues and get what they need fast.
  • With self-service and auto-complete, users can access relevant, AI-powered answers on demand.
  • Give users immediate actionable answers that are precise and personalized.

Customers: RICOH | Deloitte | 7-Eleven | Intercontinental Exchange | City of Copenhagen

Pricing: Pricing by enquiry

Watch the B2B SaaS customer success video created by Content Beta to learn about the Request Management feature of servicenow:


Upscope is an interactive screen-sharing software that does not require a download.

It is not uncommon to come across situations where a customer may be unable to comprehend instructions through a typical communication channel (chat, phone call, email). In such cases, your agent can co-browse with them and resolve the problem online.

Features & Benefits:

  • Your SaaS can now be fully integrated into the workflows of your customers with the Universal Proxy.
  • You can guide them through both your dashboard and external third-party websites by showing them processes and workflows.
  • Make it seem as if you are sitting next to your customers explaining how your SaaS works.
  • Integrations with Intercom, Salesforce, Olark, LiveChat, Zendesk, and more

Customers: Sungage Financial | Applied Data Finance | Occasion | SyncOnSet


Plan Upscope Enterprise
Price USD30.00 per agent / month, billed annually Contact Sales
Features + View the user's screen and draw on it.
+ You can click, scroll, and type for the user
+ Easily integrate your existing support tools and workflows
+ You can view screenshots in your live chat
+ more…
+ Upscope features
+ SLA, NDAs, and uptime guarantees
+ On-premise deployment (Optional)
+ Whitelabel support
+ Dedicated Account Manager
+ more…
Offers a 14-Day free trial

Watch this B2B SaaS customer success video to learn about starting a session with Upscope:


The Custify tool ensures product adoption and reduces customer churn. Additionally, it helps you increase customer satisfaction during onboarding, ensure contract renewals, and turn customers into advocates.

Features & Benefits:

  • Customer 360: Manage the adoption, lifecycles, and usage of products.
  • Integration: Connect your favorite tools and the apps your company already uses without engineering support.
  • Customer Health: Identify KPIs that aren’t being met so you can improve your product. Monitor your client’s engagement and reduce customer churn.
  • Dashboards & Reports: Generate custom dashboards to track performance in one place.

Customers: ChartMogul | Monograph | Woodpecker | Talentnet | Inflow | Galley

Pricing: Pricing by enquiry

Watch this B2B SaaS customer success video from Custify for TestMonitor:



Customer Success videos are incredibly useful for B2B SaaS companies to achieve customer success and take their business to the next level.

At a minimum, go for software and tools that offer the following features:

  • A user interface that makes it easy for customers to find what they need, when they need it.
  • Integrated CRM tools that allow companies to track how well they’re meeting customer needs.
  • Tools to support communication with customers (including chat and email).
  • Automated email notifications to keep customers up to date on the latest developments.

Finally, what rewards await B2B SaaS companies upon achieving customer success?

It helps companies manage and improve customer engagement, identify and solve customer problems, and increase customer loyalty. By keeping customers loyal, you will achieve higher customer lifetime value.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Generally speaking, customer support videos like training videos, onboarding videos, customer engagement videos, and customer retention videos are collectively known as customer success video software and tools. They are used by customer success teams to help users get the most out of the product or service they have purchased.

Customer support software and tools help businesses manage customer support requests. They can help businesses track customer support requests, assign support agents to customer accounts, create support ticket workflows, and so on.

Training and onboarding video software and tools help businesses train new employees and customers on how to use a product or service. In addition they help businesses create training courses, track employee progress, and assess customer satisfaction.

Why are customer engagement videos classified as customer success videos?

Customer retention software helps businesses improve customer retention rates. It can help businesses track customer churn rates, identify at-risk customers, and create retention plans.

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