10 Examples of Well-made SaaS Mobile App Explainer Videos

8 Simple Steps to a Great B2B SaaS Explainer Video Script

10 Examples of Well-made SaaS Mobile App Explainer Videos

The rapid growth of the Internet and wide acceptance of SaaS platforms has created a massive market. According to Statista, end-user spending is expected to be $176.62 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $208.1 billion in 2023.

Let us first discuss the various types of SaaS mobile apps.

Later we will see the best examples of SaaS mobile apps, and how SaaS explainer videos have been used to promote them and tap into their huge potential.

There are 3 types of mobile apps:

Sl. No App type Example Features
1 Native WhatsApp | Spotify 1. Being platform-specific you need to create apps for iOS, Android, and so on
2. They can work with or without an internet connection
3. They are fast, consume less memory and battery power, but developing for different platforms can push up the costs
4. Require mobile owners’ permission to access phone hardware
2 Hybrid Gmail | Twitter 1. They blend both native and web solutions
2. Limited access to phone hardware such as camera and geolocation
3. The core application is developed using web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
4. Performance depends on browser speed
3 Mobile Facebook | Instagram 1. Mobile versions of web applications
2. Mobile apps provide limited functionality and are designed to serve a specific niche such as gaming, health, etc.
3. App stores charge a hefty fee to list your app and require you to provide regular updates
4. Success depends on user reviews.

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8 Most Popular Apps in 2021 Globally Based on Downloads

SL. No. App Downloads
1 TikTok 656 million
2 Instagram 545 million
3 Facebook 416 million
4 WhatsApp 395 million
5 Telegram 329 million
6 Snapchat 327 million
7 Zoom 300 million
8 Facebook Messenger 268 million

Why should you use SaaS Explainer videos in your marketing strategy?

Many websites have by now realized that the best way to engage with audiences, promote subscriptions, and advertise their brand is by using a short explainer video.

As a result, more and more B2B businesses in every industry are adopting SaaS explainer videos as a part of their marketing strategy.

The best explainer videos for SaaS will not only inform but entertain your audience, thus helping you grow your audience and increase the value of having a mobile app on the marketplace.

Here are 9 reasons to consider using Explainer Videos for SaaS Marketing:

1. They garner attention instantly. These videos help businesses market themselves and explain their product claims to their audience in a visual and audio format.

2. The Return on Investment (ROI) of explainer videos can be over 100-fold and have some benefits over any other marketing channel.

3. Acquiring new clients using explainer videos is effective, and our guide has some useful information for you.

4. The nature of a sales video is that it’s often short and to the point. Using an explainer video to explain how your software works allows you to provide the detail you need without boring the user.

5. They lend themselves extremely well to explaining and showcasing a product, service, or brand.

6. Today, customers make their initial buying decisions based on product features. While we believe that product features are important, first impressions are far more important.

7. A detailed and well-formatted SaaS explainer video is powerful in conveying your message.

8. They are a fantastic way to gain new leads and consumers who otherwise would not have discovered your mobile app if it were not for your explainer video.

9. They encourage engagement and audience retention.

What are the different types of explainer videos?

1. Animated whiteboard videos

Animated whiteboard videos are a great way to liven up boring sales presentations and corporate training videos. They are typically created by an animated explainer video company and used by businesses to explain concepts that they are presenting to clients.

With the help of animated whiteboard videos, you can:

  • Use drawings or illustrations to highlight information better than a slideshow can.
  • Explain more complicated concepts more easily than you can through narration alone.
  • Demonstrate anything from how something works to how to build a marketing plan.

2. 2-D animated explainer videos

These are animated videos that are created on a 2-dimensional surface and usually involve a one- or two-frame animation of a person or an object that moves through space. They are designed by top explainer video companies to have a more “cartoon-like” feel. Even so, they can be as professional, animated, and graphically complex as 3D animations.

With the help of 2-D animated explainer videos, you can:

  • Explain an idea, product, or service, as typically in an explainer video.
  • Use convincing visual storytelling techniques to effectively explain complicated ideas.

3. 3-D animated explainer videos

A 3D animated explainer video is a short video that creatively uses illustrations and text to tell a story. The best animated explainer videos work well on mobile devices and are more cost-effective than live-action videos.

With the help of 3-D animated explainer videos you can:

  • Capture the attention of your audience immediately.
  • Simplify complex concepts and ideas.
  • Combine storytelling with animation to create something that educates or entertains viewers.

4. What are Motion graphic explainer videos

Also called explainer videos or explainer animations, these are animated videos that provide a clear, concise version of what a person or company is about.

With the help of an explainer video company that creates Motion graphic videos, you can:

  • Explain complex ideas in a short and easy-to-digest format.
  • Create promotional content for advertising, marketing, and sales.
  • Effectively convey a message or your brand story.

5. What are UI explainer videos

A UI explainer video can be the difference between a website visitor’s clicking or scrolling past and making them stay. UI explainer videos are short videos, usually two minutes or less that you can use to:

  • Introduce your audience to relevant features, explain processes, and tell users how to interact with your app interface.
  • Explain any feature or functionality of an app, website, or other online tools.
  • Show customers how an app can help them solve a specific problem.
  • Add a personal touch to a product or service.

Here are 10 examples of well-made SaaS Mobile App Explainer videos

1. Traveloka app

Traveling is a nightmare at the best of times. A zillion things could go wrong, such as:

  • Last-minute hotel bookings
  • Missed flights
  • Taxi Drivers that don’t speak your language
  • Unexpected changes in schedules and rescheduling
  • Insurance protection
  • Hidden charges that bloat up your expenses

Traveloka is an Indonesia-based online airline ticketing and hotel booking service. Watch how they use SaaS Mobile App Explainer videos to reassure weary travelers using simple and clean animations and a calm voice-over to assure you that they have got you covered with a mobile app that is described as ‘World in a single app’.

Watch the video, Introducing TRAVELOKA


2. Google Calendar app

Even the mighty Google could not resist creating an explainer video about their new Google calendar app. This was when everybody was getting a little tired of the app’s old design.

And they do a good job of it. The video looks fresh and complements the new design and looks energetic with young people dancing and hopping around.

The script does not mention any specific functionality per se, but they make sure the video explains ‘the this, the that, and the other’ that you can do using the app. With 10 million viewers and counting the video more than does its job.

Watch the video, The new Google Calendar app for Android and iPhone:


3. Asana app

‍Asana is a web and mobile app that helps teams coordinate, manage, and track their work.

Planning for the day and being productive are the preoccupations of business owners, companies, employees, and almost everyone else. With this app, you will learn how to do just that from a cheerful and enthusiastic female presenter.

The graphics are top-notch, with seamless transitions and ably complement the VO. The total effect is one of confidence as you are explained how the app streamlines seemingly mundane work like sending emails and scheduling meetings.

Watch the SaaS Mobile App Explainer video, How to Asana: Plan your day


4. Node Influencers App

Do you have a product you feel could do with a little help from influencers? This app allows you to do just that. Their simple explainer video answers questions such as how to:

  • Find local influencers.
  • Filter them using followers and their location.
  • Get them to produce content to promote your brand.
  • View and track the content.

This simple video created using nothing more than Adobe Spark explains things well.

Watch the SaaS Mobile App Explainer video, Node Influencers App – Explainer Video for Businesses.


5. JoyScore app

Everyone deserves to be happy. Now you can track how happy you are and become even more happier by following a personalized activity program.

The best part of the video is the female voice-over that is calm and reassuring. She explains to viewers how they can take care of their mind, body, and life itself by answering a few questions.

As you make progress, your happiness score sees a corresponding rise.

Watch the SaaS Mobile App Explainer video, JoyScore App Explainer Video that promises to bring magic to your life.


6. Zimm.com

There is a huge difference between explaining general apps and technical apps. The latter is meant for technical people and businesses who are well-versed with the subject. This app uses a competent voice-over and interactive 3-D views to explain complex machine parts.

It also promises to deliver information, facts, and explanations directly to your mobile or tablet, along with contact details and help.

Watch the SaaS Mobile App Explainer video that promises to ‘blow the boundaries between real and virtual worlds.’


7. Chillies Cloud app

This cloud kitchen app is as simple as it can get.

There is no voice-over, but the on-screen text explains all you need to order from the comfort of your living room and track the order status. The graphics and color scheme are eye-pleasing. The foot-tapping background music adds to the funkiness of the video.

Watch the video, Chillies Cloud – Food Delivery App Promo


8. Amazon Go app

The new shopping concept is a shoppers’ dream come true. All of us are familiar with the endless wait at the checkout counter, the rude queue-crashers, and the other inconveniences associated with waiting and lugging your heavily laden shopping cart around.

Well, it looks like Amazon has taken notice and is automating Go stores, using technologies such as computer vision, deep learning algorithms, and sensors to make buying, checkout, and payment easier.

The video shows a real-life scenario where the ease of shopping using Amazon’s ‘Just Walk Out’ technology in action. The breezy, high-quality video conveys the message to the long-suffering shoppers in a convincing way.

Watch the SaaS Mobile App Explainer video, Introducing Amazon Go and the world’s most advanced shopping technology


8. My Taxi app

My taxi was the first taxi app to connect passengers and taxi drivers before they began to connect passengers with passengers to share a taxi. This arrangement saves money, helps big cities reduce traffic and pollution, and makes it affordable for everyone, including students, by sharing the fare with co-passengers.

The animated video is simple and fun to watch. It features Ana who requests the app to find a person who is headed the same way where she is going. The app not only finds Lily but also a cab that happens to be in the area. Both Ana and Lily only pay for their share of the fare.

Watch the SaaS Mobile App Explainer video, Introducing mytaxi match.


9. Spaceti app

This mobile app promises to make ‘your time at the office easier’ and helps you manage office space including:

  • Finding free meeting rooms.
  • Reporting broken office equipment anonymously.
  • Creating meeting points for spontaneous activities.
  • Bookmarking key locations such as a car in a parking lot.
  • Opening lockers without the access card and using just the app.
  • Finding a place to have your lunch.

The slick video uses a friendly voice-over to explain the app’s features.

Watch the SaaS Mobile App Explainer video, Spaceti App for Smart Workplace.


10. Tapcart app

This one is from the Content Beta stables. We could not have omitted an example from our portfolio; could we, now? This is no vanity, but having served more than 70 top SaaS companies in the world we think we earn ourselves a place on the list.

Using the app, you can instantly turn your Shopify store into a mobile app, without a single line of code.

Watch the Tapcart SaaS Mobile App Explainer video.



Before we wrap up, let us understand that businesses are always looking to generate leads, build their brands, get people to sign up for subscriptions, and renew them. These tasks need not be a burden on your revenues.

“Explainer videos are a powerful, inexpensive, and effective way to communicate information, explain ideas, and tell stories.”

Having a well-made SaaS explainer video on your website and Facebook page always helps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An explainer video can be used to introduce a new business or product, promote, and sell a product, show how a product works, educate customers about a product, and more. SaaS companies invest in explainer video production because they are great if you have goals to drive more traffic and better lead generation.

An explainer video is an excellent way to promote and sell a product. The use of visuals can help the customer imagine what their life would be like with that product. Animations, charts, graphs, and other visual aids can be used to educate customers about a product.

There are mainly 7 types: Animated whiteboard videos | 2-D animated explainer videos | 3-D animated explainer videos | Motion graphic explainer videos | UI explainer videos | Live-action explainer videos | Screencast explainer videos

A good Explainer video takes careful planning, graphic design, and animation skills to make. If you’re working with an agency that has never produced them before, they can come off as unprofessional and cheesy. This means you have one chance to grab their attention, and if your explainer video is bad, you’ve lost them for good.

The explainer video cost for creating a video in 14 days by Content Beta is $2400. You can suggest multiple changes at any stage of the remote video production but once you approve the content at a particular stage , we cannot go back and make any changes later. To learn more about our explainer video pricing, visit our Pricing page.

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