10 Examples of B2B SaaS Sales Videos Done Right

Before we look at some of the best examples of B2B SaaS videos, let’s recognize that SaaS has become ubiquitous and almost an industry standard.

10 Examples of B2B SaaS Sales Videos Done Right

What seems to be working for them is the business model they have adopted, which has made it easier for SaaS providers to offer their cloud-based services to subscribers by charging affordable subscription fees. And users are warming up to the idea too.

SaaS business models reduce the complexity of using software, which is usually the reason why customers avoid desktop applications and hosted services.

According to Gartner,

Worldwide Public Cloud Services end-user spending forecast for 2022 is a cool USD145.38 billion dollars.

For 2020, it was USD102.8 billion dollars and USD122.63 billion dollars for 2021.

It is probably safe to say that one can now access every type of tool for tasks, including client management, data analysis, HR, SEO, and more.

The next section describes the most commonly used SaaS products and the main providers:

Type Function Examples
Productivity tools A cloud-based platform that tracks employee productivity and helps in planning work schedules efficiently. Trello, Slack, Evernote, and Asana
CRM Software Used by salespeople to make it easier for their clients to find, qualify, and purchase their products. Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and SugarCRM
Accounting Software They facilitate the recording and reporting of financial transactions. QuickBooks and Peachtree
Lead Management Software Enterprise software that integrates with other business software to organize and manage sales leads. Leadfeeder, Pipedrive, and HubSpot Lead Management
Social Media Management Software(SMMS) SMMS allows organizations to track, document, and evaluate the effectiveness of their social media activities across channels. Zoho, Sprout Social, and Hootsuite

Let’s now look in detail at some of the best sales video examples:

1. Wrike — Project Management Demo

Created back in 2014, which seems like an eon ago considering the frenetic pace of technological advancements, we thought this video stood out as one of the best b2b SaaS examples for its sheer simplicity.

A plain-looking product interface and unhurried voice-over calmly explaining how to use the application manage to reassure the users that they will be able to use the product on offer without having to refer to a bunch of documentation.

2. RudderStack — RudderStack Warehouse Actions - Feature Overview

Businesses can use RudderStack to consolidate all their customer data, which is typically stored and managed in multiple places, in order to gain a holistic view of their customers.

Watch the video here to see how Content Beta was able to address their three main concerns:

Perfecting onboarding: Showcasing and explaining features that helped them differentiate themselves from the competition by making feature adoption easy, ‘wow’ the viewer, and easily communicating the use-case of the tool.

Meeting Social media needs: Company was founded in 2019 and concentrated mostly on building a superior product, and later realized how important it was to grow it with value-added content.

Podcasts FTW: Rudderstack’s ‘The Data Stack show‘, is a podcast for engineers by the engineers which boasts of a great lineup of guests, and they wanted to distribute a shorter form of the valuable content for distribution over several channels.

3. Lawcus — Quick Lawcus Tour

As Lawcus’s customers are legal practitioners, it was important that the onboarding video was easy to understand even for people without a technical background.

In the end, Content Beta was able to deliver an elegant and effective video that managed to reduce customer support tickets and increase user adoption, winning all-around praise for the quality of work, flexibility, and turnaround time.

4. Wix — Introducing Wix Video: A Revolutionary Way to Showcase Your Videos

Wix can be credited with demystifying website construction and making it accessible for non-technical people, along with other players like Weebly and Squarespace.

They had their job cut out, however, in convincing people that it was easy for them to use the drag and drop components feature to build pages and websites.

In this video, they demonstrate how to add and manage videos on your site, building up the excitement as they go about it. Users are convinced how they can replicate what was shown in the video themselves and without having to write a single line of code.

5. Personizely - Product explainer video

This video could not be any simpler. It starts by addressing the frustration faced by Shopify stores who spend considerable amounts of time, money, and resources only to see as many as 98% of the visitors leaving without making a purchase.

The video manages to catch the undivided attention of their target audience in under 15 seconds, which it proceeds to capitalize on without further ado by telling them how to retain customers using Personizely features.

The graphics are eye-pleasing, and the narration is smooth. Customer testimonials and a prominent Call-to-Action (CTA) do the rest. Powerful stuff!

6. Google — The new Google Calendar app for Android and iPhone

It sounds like almost a sacrilege to not mention the venerable and all-pervasive Google in any technical article, and this guide is no exception.

The explainer video uses the product screen beautifully to demonstrate User Experience (UX) like never before.

And users seem to have lapped up the concept because the video has notched up 10.25 million views so far since it was launched back in 2014.

7. Asana — Introducing Asana Timeline: Create project timelines online

Asana animated explainer video created using animated screen mock-ups is a delight to watch.

Beautiful illustrations, pleasing background music, and fun characters are blended together to near-perfection to help demonstrate the product effectively.

In short, the video focuses its attention on Asana’s new feature ‘Timeline’. The result is a non-stop action-filled ride.

8. DirectIQ — Onboarding video

DirectIQ offers an easy-to-use email marketing interface that delivers results. Users can sign-up for free without a credit card and immediately start sending email campaigns.

They needed a perfect onboarding video to educate their customers on how to use their product in order to improve product adoption by explaining the advantages of their product to their customers better.

The company wanted the content to showcase their product, provide viewers with a personalized experience, and demonstrate to them how easy it was to use.

9. Kissflow — Onboarding video

Kissflow automates day-to-day business processes and tracks their performance. From leave requests to purchase orders, Kissflow helps initiate process requests, view items that require user actions, and approve pending tasks.

Their main requirements were:

Perfecting onboarding: As there is a considerable learning curve, it was important to produce results at the earliest to keep the motivation levels of learners high.

Updates to the application: Introduction of newer versions and improvements meant that the training material including help docs, knowledge base articles, and video courses needed an overhaul. The training team had to manage time between live training and producing new content with tight deadlines to meet.

The USD550 course has seen 5000 plays, 75% course completion rates, and 275 viewing hours in a short amount of time.

10. Confluence — Confluence in (roughly) 60 seconds

The under 1-minute video wastes no time in listing out an organization’s worst nightmares, collaborative work, scattered resources, and wasted time, money, and resources many companies have to face to make even the simplest of things work as they should.

It uses simple graphics and an unhurried narration to explain how it could be managed better using Confluence. With nearly 3 million views, it is safe to say that the short video has hit the mark perfectly.

More examples:

Here are some more videos that caught our attention for a variety of reasons. Do check them out at your leisure:

18 In-house Examples of B2B SaaS Sales Videos Across Six Categories

As content creators, we have found that:

“Building trust with customers can only be achieved by providing them with quality information, and doing it often.”

The more useful information the better are the chances of conversion. And videos are the best way to do it.

That’s not all. Content Beta has been creating top-notch video content for some of the best SaaS companies in the world.

Here is a brief overview of the products and services offered by our clients:

Organization Products & Service
Throughput Supply chain management software
RAKEN Construction management software
CompStack Nationwide Commercial Real Estate Data Platform
Outreach Sales Engagement Platform
ManyChat Facebook Messenger chatbot marketing
IRONSCALES Self-learning Email Security Platform
People vine The premier subscription and membership platform
Chirotouch Cloud standard in chiropractic software
Pry One platform for financial forecasting, headcount planning, and KPI dashboards.
IVY Artificially intelligent chatbot that supports students campus-wide across their academic life cycle
EXPONEA Customer Data Experience Platform
Servicenow Cloud computing platform to help companies manage digital workflows for enterprise operations
Pipe Pipe transforms recurring revenue into upfront capital for growth without debt or dilution
TapClicks The All-in-One Marketing Operations Platform
BookLikeABoss Booking Page Builder
Leadfeeder B2B Website Visitor Tracking Software
Kissflow Complete Work Management Suite
Dynamic Signal Mobile-first company communications platform

Content Beta has been collaborating with our clients to produce quality content that resonates with customers and leads alike.

To provide you with an overview of what is possible with visual storytelling, we’ve compiled a selection of SaaS videos that are a result of that partnership.

Final words

The key to your video success is to make watching it worth your viewers’ time”.

If you are new to the medium of visual storytelling, we recommend that you use our resources to learn the art and science behind video-making using the following links:

FAQs on SaaS Sales Video Examples

It is a video that can be a combination of explainer videos, instructional videos, and marketing videos, and is designed to convince a B2B SaaS business client to become your client. They are simply sales videos that target a specific customer demographic. Their purpose is to drive sales by educating prospects. Hubspot, Slack, and adobe are considered as some of the best b2b saas examples

Business-to-Business (B2B) is about selling services to other companies as opposed to selling them to individuals as in B2C. A SaaS sales team focuses on SaaS-related activities such as acquiring new customers, retaining existing customers, and getting them to upgrade to a higher tier.

Depending on the type of B2B SaaS Sales videos, the price may range from $250 for a Loom video to more than $10,000 for a Demo Duck complete Live-action video. Content Beta offers SaaS hybrid videos in the price range of $500-$3500 and delivers them in 10-21 days.

Numerous B2B SaaS case study examples show that they are great for demonstrating product differences, new features, and benefits. In addition, there are many B2B SaaS sales video examples that show that they help boost sales, improve conversion rates, and increase revenue.

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