10 Best Testimonial Video Services To Power B2B SaaS Businesses

Why Online Reviews & Video Testimonials Are Critical for B2B SaaS

Customer testimonials are any type of review, from online reviews and word-of-mouth to interviews and remote video testimonials provided by satisfied customers.

A B2B Saas company can use the testimonials to grow its business because they can help businesses convince the prospects that they will have a great experience with a product or service if they become customers.

According to a study by Vendasta, 88% of consumers make purchasing decisions based on online reviews.

In general, the more customer testimonials you can get the better it is for your business’s credibility and trustworthiness.

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What are Customer Testimonial Videos?

A Testimonial Video features reviews, ratings, and feedback provided by customers after using a product or service.

They have become an essential part of the marketing strategy for many B2B SaaS companies because they provide valuable feedback about the product, which may be difficult for the company to get otherwise.

  • They validate the quality of your product or service and can help build trust among potential buyers, which can be especially important if you are an early-stage company with no prior track record to speak of.
  • They help increase the number of conversions because potential customers can see for themselves how other customers have benefitted.
  • They can be on your website, on review platforms, or on review websites that allow clients to rate and review businesses.

Top 10 B2B SaaS Customer Testimonial Video Services

Now that we understand how important Customer Testimonial Videos are, it is time to learn how to create them.

Your choices are in-house production, getting a freelancer, or hiring a professional video production agency. Each approach has its merits as well as demerits.

In this section, we are going to look at some of the best production houses in the business and their work.

1. Epipheo

Founded in 2009, this Cincinnati-based, digital video studio has created over 5,000 videos for 3,000+ of the top brands in the world.

They say creating customer Testimonial Videos for them is more than having the customer face the camera and say good things about a company or a product. They’d rather describe the process as building a story from the ground up to create great moments.


3D Explainer Video | Animated Video Course | Brand Video | Educational Video | E-Learning Video Course | Internal Video | Live Action Video


P&G | Microsoft | Epson | Google | SAP | Teradata | Amazon Web Service | and more


This is an animated testimonial for the genetic testing company 23 And Me, featuring Sonny who narrates his experience of growing up not knowing his heritage and who his father was. The story ends on a happy note with Sonny meeting his father.

The Testimonial Video uses audio from a real-life interview and sounds earnest and touches your heart. You don’t feel animations are basic because storytelling is so powerful.

2. Content Beta

Content Beta is a video production agency founded in 2020. Located in Sunnyvale, California, with offices in Mumbai and Bengaluru, India, the company specializes in B2B SaaS videos. They’ve worked with over 70 B2B SaaS brands to onboard, engage, and retain users with their product videos, video courses, and customer onboarding videos.

Content Beta provides specialized Customer Testimonial Video Services, 100% remotely. Their costs are a tenth of those charged by traditional video production studios, and they can deliver the Testimonial videos in less than a week.


Remote Video Testimonials | Product Demo Video | Onboarding Video | Video Course | Product Explainer Video | Article to Video | Customer Support Videos | Presentation Design Service


Kissflow | AiChat | Lawcus | ScaleX.ai | Flipkart | TapCart | Decile | Dynamic Yield | and more


This Testimonial Video is created by Content Beta for Metadata.io. It features a number of marketers talking about how the Metadata has helped them eliminate manual and repetitive work.

Testimonial videos typically feature 1-2 customers. But this video works well because the customers speak in voice, amplifying the message.


3. SAASVideos.io

SAAS video is headed by Dominik Wever who used to run a conventional CRM software company before switching to the SaaS model.

He says running a software business is not easy, and it can be hard to stand out and attract leads and signups. The site also offers free training. What makes this site stand out is you get a complete script of the videos hosted on the site.


Video Marketing Examples | About us & Mission Videos | Customer Testimonial Videos |
Explainer Videos | Hero Videos | How-to Video Tutorials | Onboarding Videos | Video Ads


Zignyl | SolutionDrive | and more


This Testimonial Video features Geno Quiroz, a freelance web designer as the protagonist. Despite his passion for web design, he held accounting, sales, and marketing jobs before finding his calling with DIVI, the web builder tool.

The testimonial follows Geno around and captures some powerful moments from his personal and professional life. This video is significant for the emotion it evokes in viewers and how it inspires them to achieve anything by being passionate about it.


4. Demo Duck

Demo Duck is a Chicago-based agency that ‘makes videos that bring companies to life’ and has been in business since 2011.

Their creative team is made of ducks aka writers, animators, designers, editors, directors, marketers and so on.

They call customers their video partners because they want them to experience the feeling of building creative video concepts.


Branding Videos | TV Spots | Explainer Videos | Screencast Tutorials | Company Story Videos | Customer Testimonials | Demo Videos | 2D & 3D Animation | Motion Graphics


Google | NETFLIX | Canon | UNHCR | Dropbox | and more


This Testimonial Video for AppFolio, the property management App, features the members of the family-owned and operated property management company, Pacific Apartment Homes.

The video features the father and daughter duo talking about how the app helps them keep tabs on various activities related to their property business.

What makes this video special is the way it shows how a traditional business can adopt technology to its advantage, along with the glimpses of close bonds the family shares.


5. DreamCube Productions

This Melbourne-based company was founded by Chris Wilkie, who is also the managing director.

The company started as CJW Media Productions. Chris says that even though the original name was the initials of his full name, the lessons learned in a start-up business inspired him to rebrand it as DreamCube Productions with a much clearer direction.


Construction Video Production | Corporate Video Production | Real Estate Video Production | Testimonial Video Production | Visual Storytelling | Video Content Production


M Power Services | Operation Newstart Casey | KPMG, RMIT University | one7days | and more


This Testimonial Video features Shawn from Resolve Image Solutions, a signage and digital company, who talks about starting a business from scratch and finding out he needed something special to take it to the next level.

The testimonial video describes how he benefited from the Business and Mentor programs provided by Outcomes Business Group.

The video strikes a chord with viewers because it demonstrates that setbacks are temporary and that with a strong resolve and the right guidance one can overcome them.


6. Vidico

Founded in 2015, this Australia-based video company besides producing Customer Testimonial Videos is also adept at making videos related to Finance, Ecommerce, Tech, Sports, and Wildlife.


Explainer Videos | Walkthrough Videos | Case Studies | Overview Videos | Crowdfunding Videos


Vimeo | Airtable | Koala | Spotify | and more

In this Testimonial video created for Summer, a digital solution provider that simplifies the student loan process.

The best thing about the video is its simplicity. It features three students from diverse backgrounds who speak in one voice about how Summer helped them overcome many challenges.

The testimonial manages to strike a chord with other students who may find the reassurance they need to use the service.


7. YDraw

This company based in St.George, Utah is different from a conventional video production agency. Humor seems to be a recurring motif in their videos. And they admit as much.


Case Studies | Dental Videos | Demo Videos


Verizon | Deloitte | Disney | Amazon | and more

This testimonial video is unlike any other testimonial video you will see. The animations are simple, with the narration doing all the heavy lifting.

The Testimonial Video begins with a man calling himself real cheap because he found a video production company that promised all the bells and whistles but ends up being sent ‘junk.’

What is realistic about the testimonial is that instead of ranting about them, he goes on to describe how he found YDraw (“Well, let’s just say I found YDraw”) who save the day.


8. Wyzowl

Wyzowl is one of the world’s premier video companies. They have created over 3,000 videos for more than 1,500 companies over the last 10 years.

They say when people buy a product, a service, or a piece of software they want a fundamental question answered: Is this the right choice? And testimonial videos can reassure them.


Animated Video | Demo Video | Interactive Video | Live Action Video | Animated Graphics | App Demo Videos | Customer Service Videos | Event Videos | Explainer Videos | Microinteractions


Hiring-hub.com | Natixis | JotForm | paymentshield | Configit | and more

Here is an example Testimonial video featuring the Marketing Manager for Swiftpage International talking about how the video produced by Wyzowl helped make visitors spend more time on their website.


9. Sandwich

They say they developed their style by ‘doing things wrong in ways that felt right’.

In fact, they wanted to make apps and actually created one. To market the app, they created a video that ended up getting more attention than the app did. Thus was born this company that excels at creating engaging videos and has worked with over 400 brands since 2009.


TV Spots | Explainers | Testimonials | Animation | Documentary | Branded Content


Descript | Stitch Fix | Rothy’s | IPSY | Slack | Shopify | and more

This Testimonial Video for Cybersecurity company ExtraHop features a shady-looking guy called Ransomware describing his profession from his point of view. He starts by telling you how he earns a living by breaking into other people’s systems.

As the video progresses, he rues how ExtraHop has made his job tougher by providing total protection solutions to companies where his every move is watched and foiled by the software.

10. Explainly

Explainly is a California-based company that believes a great video should make clients happy and excited.

They say they are a customer-centric organization and are open to delivering content based on customers’ vision or by collaborating with them.


2D & 3D Animation | Mixed Media | Live-action Videos | Explainer Videos | Educational Videos | Product videos


UberEats | HoneyBook | VISA | Slalom | University of San Francisco | and more

This Testimonial Video created for HoneyBook, the client management software for small businesses, is 36 seconds long but sends the message across about the usefulness of the product in such a short time.

What are the benefits of Customer Testimonial Videos?

A Testimonial Video is a powerful proof of a company’s legitimacy in the eyes of both customers and leads. They can be used:

  • To increase trust in a product.
  • As a form of social proof for potential customers.
  • To demonstrate that others have found success with a product.
  • To show that the company stands firmly behind its product.
  • To improve lead conversion and brand awareness.
  • To increase new signups and retain existing customers.
  • But be aware that some companies have policies that require a review before an individual can leave feedback about the company or product.


Before we wrap up the discussion, let’s understand that B2B SaaS customer testimonial videos are a powerful tool for increasing sales and driving more visitors to your website.

Customer testimonials work because prospects find it more credible when they can actually see satisfied customers talking about the benefits of using your products and services.

Finally, B2B SaaS businesses should approach their customers for testimonials because they are what customers have come to trust as a reliable source of information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is a video featuring satisfied customers of a company expressing their opinion of the company. The customers talk about the benefits of using the company’s product or service and how it helped them solve a business problem. It answers questions the prospective customers may have regarding a company and its products and helps build trust.

They are a great way to show off a product and convince customers that the product is worth their time. They are ideal to show the benefits of a product, as well as the pain points that it helps solve.

Visuals create a greater impact on prospective buyers than written words. Buyers are more likely to buy from a seller who has provided a testimonial.

In recent years, social media has shifted away from traditional written testimonials to “social proof” elements such as videos and pictures.

People share content like video testimonials that are short, informative, and engaging using Facebook, Twitter, and even email.

Content Beta can help you create video testimonials 100% remotely under a week and at a tenth of what traditional video production studios charge. The producer provides the recording equipment of Type A (Webcam, mic, and Lights) or Type B (phone holder, Mic, and Lights).

Content Beta