10 Best App Demo Videos That Will Inspire You

5 Best App Demo Videos Done Right: Examples + Tips

10 Best App Demo Videos That Will Inspire You

In a world full of mobile phone users who are bombarded with new apps every single day, standing apart from the crowd can be difficult.

Creating an app is no easy feat. You’ve poured in your blood and sweat to bring it to life. You don’t want it all to go down the drain do you?

According to Zippia experts, merely 0.5% of the apps launched are successful and the number one reason for this is the low number of downloads. And if you want to combat that, it’s more important than ever to effectively communicate the value of your app to potential users.

One of the most effective ways to do this is through a well-produced app demo video.

A B2B Product Demo video can showcase the key features and benefits of your app, highlighting how it solves real-world problems and sets itself apart from the competition. In this article, we’ll showcase 10 of the best app demo videos that will inspire you to create a compelling demo of your own.

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10 Best App Demo Videos that will inspire you

From sleek and professional to creative and innovative, these videos demonstrate the power of a great app demo video to drive downloads and elevate your brand.

1. OhMD

OhMD is an online platform that reduces friction and directly connects patients in need with doctors in their online app. They have features like 2 way SMS texting, video visits, website chat and surveys etc.

Time Period: 2 Minutes 10 Seconds


What They Did: The OhMD B2B Product Demo video provides valuable insights into the key benefits of the app that B2B marketers can use to create effective marketing campaigns for their own apps.

What You Can Take Away: The demo video showcases the app’s user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for people to connect with a doctor and receive medical care. Marketers can highlight this aspect to appeal to a broad range of users.

USP: The B2B Product Demo offers a convenient and accessible way for people to access medical care from the comfort of their own home. This is a major selling point that is highlighted in the product demo video with interesting animation and clear audio.

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2. Canva

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create designs for various purposes such as social media posts, presentations, and documents. With its user-friendly interface and vast selection of templates, Canva makes design accessible to anyone, regardless of design experience.

Time Period: 1 Minute 43 Seconds


Video Overview: Their SaaS Product Demo video showcases the app’s various features and tools, such as the drag-and-drop interface and pre-made templates, in an engaging and informative way.

What You Can Take Away: Canva offers a wide range of templates, design elements, and tools that make it easy for users to create visually appealing designs for various purposes, such as social media posts, presentations, flyers, and more.

USP: Canva’s unique selling proposition is its simplicity and ease of use which is clearly reflected in the app demo video. We are guided through the app features and basics in a smooth course of under 2 minutes.

3. Slack

Slack is a collaboration platform that helps teams communicate and work together more effectively. It integrates with a wide range of tools and services to streamline workflows and centralize communication in one place, making it an indispensable tool for modern teams.

Time Period: 1 Minute 12 Seconds


Video Overview: Slack’s B2B Product Demo effectively showcases the app’s ability to streamline communication and organization within teams. The video emphasizes how Slack can be used for everything from quick conversations to team meetings and file sharing.

How It Works: The app’s user-friendly interface and customization options, such as custom emojis and the ability to create private or public channels, make it a popular choice for organizations of all sizes. Slack’s real-time communication capabilities and seamless integration with other tools make it a valuable tool for teams looking to improve their productivity and collaboration.

USP: Slack’s unique selling proposition is how it hones in on one problem of its viewers and promises to give a simple solution for the same. The B2B Product Demo is colorful and pairs smooth transitions with soft music.

4. Square

Square is a financial technology company that provides payment processing services for individuals and businesses. It offers a range of tools for accepting payments, including a mobile point of sale system and a virtual terminal for online transactions, making it easy for merchants to conduct business anywhere, anytime.

Time Period: 2 Minutes 36 Seconds


Video Overview: Square’s SaaS Product Demo video highlights the app’s ability to transform any smartphone or tablet into a point-of-sale system for small businesses. The video demonstrates the app’s ease of use and versatility, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

How It Works: Square’s user-friendly interface, ease of use, and affordable pricing make it a popular choice for small businesses and independent sellers. Additionally, Square’s commitment to security and privacy, including data encryption and fraud protection, gives users peace of mind knowing their financial information is safe and secure.

USP: Square’s unique selling proposition is how it manages to relate to various kinds of business owners who are looking for the same thing. The B2B Product Demo video is beautifully produced with catchy visuals.

5. Spinify

Spinify is a sales performance and gamification platform that helps businesses drive sales results by turning sales activities into a game. It incentivizes sales teams with rewards and recognition, providing real-time feedback and visibility into performance, which helps to increase motivation, productivity, and overall sales performance.

Time Period: 2 Minutes 2 Seconds


Video Overview: From the app video you can see how Spinify helps sales teams increase their motivation and productivity through real-time sales activity tracking, goal setting, and recognition. They also highlighted how the platform provides managers with actionable insights to coach their teams and drive performance.

How It Works: Spinify integrates with other sales tools and platforms to provide a seamless sales performance management experience.

USP: Spinify’s unique selling proposition is how it garbs viewer attention by going at the target customer’s pain point and asking them questions. They proceed to clearly solve each audience problem with their B2B Product Demo thus sticking out from the crowd.

6. Asana

Asana is a project and task management tool that helps teams plan, organize, and track their work. With features like task lists, calendars, and custom fields, Asana provides a flexible platform for teams to collaborate and get work done, helping to boost productivity and ensure work is delivered on time.

Time Period: 57 Seconds


Video Overview: Asana’s B2B Product Demo showcases the app’s ability to manage projects and tasks for teams of all sizes. The video highlights the app’s clean and intuitive interface, as well as its features for tracking progress and collaboration.

How It Works: Asana’s user-friendly interface and customization options make it easy for teams to personalize the platform to their needs, while its integration with other tools and services provides a seamless experience. Additionally, Asana offers a range of security and privacy features, giving teams peace of mind knowing their work is secure.

USP: Asana’s unique selling proposition is its quality production that centers around the mobile app and its main benefits. The app demo video is completely aligned with its brand thus being memorable for its audience.

7. Trello

Trello is a visual project management tool that uses boards, lists, and cards to help teams organize and prioritize their work. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and customizable features, Trello makes it easy for teams to collaborate, communicate, and get work done, improving efficiency and productivity.

Time Period: 40 Seconds


Video Overview:Trello’s B2B SaaS Product Demo Video video demonstrates the app’s ability to help teams organize projects and tasks in a visual and intuitive way. The video showcases Trello’s flexibility, with the ability to create boards and lists for anything from work projects to personal tasks.

How It Works: Trello’s flexibility and customization options allow teams to use it for a wide range of projects, from simple to-do lists to complex projects with multiple stages and dependencies. Additionally, Trello integrates with a wide range of other tools and services, providing a seamless experience for teams.

USP: Trello’s unique selling proposition is its short and effective stunningly animated video that demonstrates brand values and offers a comprehensive overview of the app.

8. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that enables businesses and organizations to manage their social media presence from a single dashboard. It provides tools for scheduling posts, managing multiple social media accounts, and analyzing the performance of social media campaigns, making it a valuable tool for social media professionals and marketers.

Time Period: 2 Minutes 6 Seconds


Video Overview: Hootsuite’s demo video showcases the app’s ability to manage multiple social media accounts from one platform. The video highlights the app’s features for scheduling and publishing content, as well as monitoring and analyzing social media metrics.

How It Works: Hootsuite saves businesses time and effort in managing multiple social media platforms and enables them to have a more consistent and cohesive presence on social media. Hootsuite also offers a range of advanced features, such as social media listening and sentiment analysis, which help businesses to understand their audience and track the impact of their social media efforts.

USP: Hootsuite’s unique selling proposition is its highly engaging stunning animation that hooks in the viewer from the first second. The video is also time stamped so that the viewer can skip back and forth to important sections.

9. Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing platform that provides real-time communication for remote teams, businesses, and individuals. With features like high-quality video and audio, screen sharing, and virtual backgrounds, Zoom makes it easy for people to connect and collaborate from anywhere, helping to break down geographical barriers and improve productivity.

Time Period: 2 Minutes 1 Second


Video Overview: Zoom’s B2B SaaS Product Demo Video demonstrates the app’s ability to facilitate remote meetings and collaboration. The video highlights the app’s features for video conferencing, screen sharing, and virtual backgrounds.

How It Works: Zoom’s focus on security and privacy, with features such as end-to-end encryption and password protection, makes it a trusted solution for businesses and individuals looking to protect sensitive information.

USP: Zoom’s unique selling proposition is its high-quality video that showcases app interface real time as the narrator highlights key features of the app to its audience.

10. Peoplevine

PeopleVine is a customer engagement platform that helps businesses build strong relationships with their customers. It provides a suite of tools for creating and managing customer experiences, including loyalty programs, email marketing, and event management, helping businesses to increase customer engagement and loyalty.

Time Period: 5 Minutes 30 Seconds


Video Overview: Peoplevine’s B2B SaaS Product Demo Video highlights how it’s built for its consumer from scratch equipped with everything they need for their business. The demo video guides its viewer how to navigate the interface to find what they’re looking for easily.

How It Works: With its focus on member engagement and retention, PeopleVine’s new member app is a valuable tool for businesses and organizations looking to improve their member engagement and achieve their goals.

USP: PeopleVine’s new member app unique selling proposition is how the video is beginner friendly as it guides its viewer to use the app with on time screen interface visuals paired with the clear audio.

Each of these demo videos effectively showcases the app’s key features and benefits, providing inspiration for app developers and marketers to create compelling demos of their own.


In conclusion, creating a great app demo video is an essential part of marketing your app effectively. It provides an opportunity to showcase the key features and benefits of your app, demonstrate its unique value proposition, and engage potential users.

The 10 best app demo videos highlighted in this article demonstrate the impact that a well-produced demo video can have on driving downloads and elevating your brand.

Remember to keep your target audience in mind, keep the video short and to the point, highlight unique features and benefits, use engaging visuals, provide a comprehensive overview, include a call-to-action, optimize for online platforms, and measure the effectiveness of your videos. By following these best practices, you’ll be well on your way to creating a great app demo video that will inspire potential users to download and engage with your app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The best app demo videos are those that effectively communicate the key features and benefits of the app, using engaging visuals and clear, concise messaging. The video should also be well-produced and visually appealing, while also providing a comprehensive overview of the app’s functionality.

To create a great app demo video, start by defining the key features and benefits of your app. From there, you can script a storyboard that showcases the app’s functionality and how it can be used to solve real-world problems. When it comes to production, consider hiring a professional videographer or animation team to create a visually appealing and engaging demo.

Some best practices for creating an app demo video include: focusing on the app’s key features and benefits, using engaging visuals, keeping the video concise and to-the-point, using real-world examples to showcase the app’s functionality, and highlighting the unique aspects of the app that set it apart from competitors.

An app demo video can help your app get noticed by effectively communicating its key features and benefits to potential users. By showcasing the app’s functionality and solving real-world problems, the video can generate interest and encourage users to download and try the app for themselves. Additionally, a well-produced B2B SaaS Product Demo Video can help establish your app as a credible and professional solution in its market.

The length of an app demo video can vary, but it’s generally recommended to keep the video between 1-2 minutes. This allows you to effectively showcase the app’s key features and benefits without overwhelming the viewer with too much information. Additionally, shorter videos are more likely to be watched in full and shared, helping to increase visibility for your app.

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